The 2024 ESPYS Airs July 11 2024 on ABC

Coming up this Thursday at 8:00 PM on ABC, sports fans and enthusiasts alike are in for a special treat with “The 2024 ESPYS.” Hosted by the legendary Serena Williams, this prestigious event celebrates not only the outstanding achievements in sports throughout the year but also the remarkable humanitarian efforts that have made a significant impact.

Viewers can anticipate an evening filled with memorable moments as athletes from various disciplines gather to be recognized for their exceptional performances and contributions to their respective sports. From record-breaking achievements to inspiring comeback stories, “The 2024 ESPYS” promises to highlight the best of the best in the world of sports.

In addition to celebrating athletic excellence, the event also shines a spotlight on the philanthropic endeavors of athletes and sports organizations who have made a difference off the field. Serena Williams, known for her own remarkable career and philanthropic efforts, brings her charisma and insight as she guides viewers through an evening of tributes and recognition.

Don’t miss “The 2024 ESPYS” airing this Thursday at 8:00 PM on ABC, where sports and humanitarianism converge in an unforgettable celebration of talent, determination, and the spirit of giving back.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Thursday 11 July 2024 on ABC

The 2024 ESPYS Cast –

Main Cast

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