The Challenge Season 39 Episode 10 Battle for a New Champion: Feeling Used Airs December 20 2023 on MTV

In the upcoming episode of “The Challenge,” titled “Battle for a New Champion: Feeling Used,” slated to air at 8:00 PM on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, on MTV, viewers can anticipate a thrilling installment packed with intense challenges and strategic twists.

The Contenders are set to face a sky-high challenge that pushes them to new heights, both physically and strategically. As the outcome unfolds, one Contender begins questioning the alliances that have shaped the competition so far, adding an element of uncertainty and tension to the dynamics within the group.

Adding to the excitement, a decorated Champion steps into the elimination arena, bringing the heat in a showdown that promises high-stakes drama. The episode combines heart-pounding challenges with the strategic intricacies that define “The Challenge,” making it a must-watch for fans eager to witness the fierce battle for a new champion and the unpredictable turns that lie ahead.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Wednesday 20 December 2023 on MTV

The Challenge Battle for a New Champion: Feeling Used Cast – Season 39 Episode 10

Main Cast
David "Puck" Rainey
David Edwards
Gladys Sanabria
Eric Nies
Mark Long
Jonny Moseley
Dave Mirra
T. J. Lavin

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