The Drew Barrymore Show Season 4 Episode 306 Alex Edelman; Drew’s News Airs June 11 2024 on CBS

In the upcoming episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” viewers are in for a heartwarming treat as Drew Barrymore and Ross Mathews join forces with The Week Junior to shine a spotlight on some extraordinary young individuals. Titled “Alex Edelman; Drew’s News,” this episode is set to air at 9:30 AM on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, on CBS.

One of the highlights of the show will be the inspiring story of a 13-year-old who took the initiative to create a line of crayons that represent a diverse range of skin colors. This young innovator’s story is sure to touch the hearts of viewers and serve as a reminder of the power of youth to drive positive change in the world.

Additionally, viewers can look forward to a special guest appearance by Alex Edelman, known for his captivating one-man show, “Just for Us.” Edelman’s unique brand of humor and storytelling is set to bring laughter and insight to the episode, making it a must-watch for fans of comedy and entertainment.

Overall, “Alex Edelman; Drew’s News” promises to be an episode filled with heartwarming stories, inspiring young individuals, and engaging entertainment. Tune in to “The Drew Barrymore Show” on CBS to witness these uplifting moments and be reminded of the impact that kindness, creativity, and positivity can have on the world.

Release Date & Time: 9:30 AM Tuesday 11 June 2024 on CBS

The Drew Barrymore Show Alex Edelman; Drew’s News Cast – Season 4 Episode 306

Main Cast
Drew Barrymore

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