The Endgame Cast & Guest Stars Tonight & 2024 Season

The Endgame Cast, Recurring Cast & Guest Stars 2024

Find out the main cast, recurring cast and guest stars for the 2024 season.

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Main Cast 2024

Morena Baccarin as Elena Federova
Ryan Michelle Bathe as Agent Val Turner
Costa Ronin as Sergey Vodianov
Kamal Angelo Bolden as Owen Turner
Noah Bean as ADIC Patrick Doak
Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Agent Anthony Flowers
Mark Damon Espinoza as FBI Director Rogelio Réal

Guest Stars 2024

Karl Josef Co as Louie
Massiel Mordan as Rona
Jenna Stern as Joan Bradbury
Keith Nobbs as Serial Skeptic
Ryan Czerwonko as Horek
Gwendolyn Ellis as Julia Swanstrom
Sasha Roiz as President Andrew Wright
Aaron Costa Ganis as Robert Lawton
William Oliver Watkins as HRT Leader
Alexandra Seal as Halima
Cory McAbee as Michael Bagnall
Madalyn St. John as Reporter #1
Sahar Milani as Ameera Ojjeh

Tonight’s Cast & Guest Stars

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