The First 48 Season 24 Episode 18: I Killed Airs October 5 2023 on A&E

On Thursday, October 5, 2023, at 8:00 PM on A&E, “The First 48” returns with its Season 24 Episode 18 titled “I Killed.” In this episode, viewers will follow the real-life investigation led by Detective Mark Kennedy.

The case begins when a shocking discovery is made: a man is found inside a truck, having been brutally stabbed a staggering 45 times. This gruesome crime scene sets the stage for a high-stakes investigation.

Detective Kennedy faces the daunting task of not only identifying the victim but also tracking down the person responsible for this heinous act. To aid in this mission, the detective turns to the bilingual Tulsa community, recognizing the importance of their assistance in solving this perplexing case.

“The First 48” is a documentary series that takes viewers into the critical first 48 hours of homicide investigations, a crucial time frame for solving these crimes. With a focus on real cases and real detectives, the show provides an unfiltered look at the challenges and complexities of bringing justice to victims and their families.

If you’re intrigued by true crime and the intricacies of solving murder cases, don’t miss “The First 48” on Thursday, October 5, 2023, at 8:00 PM on A&E as Detective Mark Kennedy and his team work tirelessly to unravel the mystery behind this chilling homicide.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Thursday 5 October 2023 on A&E

The First 48 I Killed Cast – Season 24 Episode 18

Main Cast
Dion Graham

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