The Graham Norton Show Season 31 Episode 15 Airs January 26 2024 on BBC One

This Friday at 10:50 PM on BBC One, the comedic maestro Graham Norton returns with Season 31 Episode 15 of “The Graham Norton Show,” promising viewers an evening of laughter, wit, and insightful interviews. As the renowned comedian takes center stage, the audience can expect a blend of comic sketches and monologues that showcase Graham’s signature style, combining humor with a touch of edginess.

“The Graham Norton Show” has earned its reputation for bringing together a diverse array of world talent, and this episode is no exception. Viewers can anticipate a night of entertaining banter as Graham engages in serious and in-depth interviews with his guests, offering a unique blend of lightheartedness and profound insights.

With Graham Norton’s infectious charm and a lineup of intriguing guests, Season 31 Episode 15 promises to be a highlight for fans of the talk show genre. Tune in for an evening of entertainment that transcends the ordinary, starting at 10:50 PM this Friday on BBC One.

Release Date & Time: 10:50 PM Friday 26 January 2024 on BBC One

The Graham Norton Show Cast – Season 31 Episode 15

Main Cast
Graham Norton

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