The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 7 Episode 3 Airs January 21 2024 on Channel 4

This Sunday on Channel 4, the pottery wheels are spinning once again as “The Great Pottery Throw Down” Season 7 Episode 3 takes center stage. Airing at 7:45 PM on January 21, 2024, the talented potters delve into the world of Staffordshire flatbacks, crafting their unique interpretations of these classic pieces.

As the ceramic creations take shape, contestants face a surprise challenge that adds an element of suspense and a “close shave” to the proceedings. The episode promises a delightful blend of traditional pottery techniques and unexpected twists.

Viewers can anticipate the ultimate showdown as the potters vie for the spotlight, showcasing their mantlepiece classics. The question remains: Whose masterpiece will claim pride of place, and who might find themselves on the shelf?

Tune in at 7:45 PM for an evening of creativity, craftsmanship, and the suspense of competition as “The Great Pottery Throw Down” continues to mold captivating narratives in the world of pottery on Channel 4 this Sunday.

Release Date & Time: 7:45 PM Sunday 21 January 2024 on Channel 4

The Great Pottery Throw Down Cast – Season 7 Episode 3

Main Cast
Sara Cox
Melanie Sykes
Siobhán McSweeney
Ellie Taylor
Keith Brymer Jones
Kate Malone
Sue Pryke
Richard Miller

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