The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Season 10 Episode 18 Violin Cat Scans Airs April 27 2024 on CBS

This Saturday at 11:30 AM on CBS, viewers are in for an exciting episode of “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation.” In Season 10 Episode 18, titled “Violin Cat Scans,” the show explores a diverse range of innovative ideas and technologies that are shaping the world around us.

From breaching the sea with an underwater jet ski to exploring fog security measures, this episode showcases cutting-edge advancements in various fields. Viewers will also learn about the fascinating phenomenon of rolling tides in Africa and the crucial role they play in coastal ecosystems.

One of the highlights of the episode is the exploration of a groundbreaking technique for peering inside invaluable violins. Through advanced imaging technology, experts are able to conduct “cat scans” of these instruments, revealing their inner secrets and contributing to our understanding of their craftsmanship and history.

Join the hosts of “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation” as they take you on a journey of discovery and ingenuity. Tune in this Saturday on CBS for an episode filled with inspiration, innovation, and exploration.

Release Date & Time: 11:30 AM Saturday 27 April 2024 on CBS

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Violin Cat Scans Cast – Season 10 Episode 18

Main Cast
Mo Rocca
Alie Ward
Adam Yamaguchi
Albert Lawrence

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