The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Season 10 Episode 5: The No Pedal Bike Airs November 4 2023 on CBS

On Saturday, November 4, 2023, at 7:30 AM, CBS will broadcast Season 10, Episode 5 of “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation.” In this episode titled “The No Pedal Bike,” viewers will discover various intriguing stories.

First, the episode explores the concept of learning to ride a bike without pedals, which can be quite an adventure. It’s like finding a new way to have fun on two wheels.

Next, it delves into how technology can be used to track a child’s growth and development. It’s like a high-tech growth chart.

The episode also uncovers the invention of colorblind glasses, which have had a significant impact on those with color vision deficiencies. It’s like a game-changer for those who see the world differently.

Lastly, the show pays tribute to the women who have made significant contributions to the field of agriculture. It’s like a spotlight on the unsung heroes of farming.

If you’re curious about innovation, technology, and the remarkable stories behind everyday things, this episode is a great choice. It’s like a journey into the world of ideas and inventors.

Don’t forget to tune in on November 4 to watch “The No Pedal Bike” on CBS at 7:30 AM.

Release Date & Time: 7:30 AM Saturday 4 November 2023 on CBS

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation The No Pedal Bike Cast – Season 10 Episode 5

Main Cast
Mo Rocca
Alie Ward
Adam Yamaguchi
Albert Lawrence

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