The King’s Guard: Serving the Crown Season 1 Episode 4 Airs December 7 2023 on Channel 5

This Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 10:00 PM on Channel 5, viewers are in for a regal treat with Season 1 Episode 4 of “The King’s Guard: Serving the Crown.” In this captivating installment, the Household Cavalry saddles up for a journey to Edinburgh in preparation for the much-anticipated Second Coronation. As the elite guard readies itself for this significant event, viewers can expect an inside look at the meticulous preparations and ceremonial duties that come with serving the crown.

Adding a touch of camaraderie and lightheartedness, the episode takes a delightful turn as the Household Cavalry indulges in their own unique interpretation of the Highland Games. Set against the majestic backdrop of Edinburgh, this charming segment promises a blend of tradition and merriment, offering viewers a glimpse into the lighter side of these distinguished guardians of the crown.

Tune in for a regal yet entertaining evening as “The King’s Guard: Serving the Crown” combines pageantry and joviality, showcasing the dedication and spirit of those tasked with safeguarding royal traditions.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Thursday 7 December 2023 on Channel 5

The King’s Guard: Serving the Crown Cast – Season 1 Episode 4

Main Cast

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