The Patrick Star Show Now Museum, Now You Don’t Airs November 7 2023 on Nickelodeon

Get ready for some undersea adventure with Patrick Star as Nickelodeon presents the second episode of “The Patrick Star Show” Season 2, titled “Now Museum, Now You Don’t.”

In this exciting episode, Patrick’s dad, Cecil, takes on a new role as a security guard at Lady Upturn’s art museum. It’s bound to be a hilarious and chaotic day as Patrick’s unique personality and antics add a new twist to the world of art security.

Viewers can expect plenty of laughs and fun as Patrick explores the museum and interacts with the various art pieces. With Patrick involved, you can be sure that things won’t go as smoothly as planned.

Tune in to Nickelodeon on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at 5:00 PM to join Patrick, Cecil, and the rest of the gang for an artful adventure that only the world of Bikini Bottom can provide. Don’t miss out on the laughs and mishaps in “Now Museum, Now You Don’t.”

Release Date & Time: 5:00 PM Tuesday 7 November 2023 on Nickelodeon

The Patrick Star Show Now Museum, Now You Don’t Cast – Season 2

Main Cast
Patrick Star (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke)
Cecil Star (voiced by Tom Wilson)
Bunny Star (voiced by Cree Summer)
Squidina Star (voiced by Jill Talley)
GrandPat Star (voiced by Dana Snyder)
Ouchie (vocal effects provided by Tom Kenny)
Tinkle (vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker)
Grandma Tentacles (voiced by Cree Summer)

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