The Proof Is Out There Season 3 Episode 18: Marfa Lights, Devil Goat and Subway Survivor Airs August 11 2023 on History

Prepare for an intriguing adventure into the unknown with the upcoming episode of “The Proof Is Out There” titled “Marfa Lights, Devil Goat, and Subway Survivor,” airing on History at 10:03 PM on Friday, August 11, 2023. This captivating episode explores three mysterious and captivating phenomena from around the world.

First, journey to Marfa, Texas, and witness the famous glowing lights that have puzzled and fascinated observers for generations. Delve into the investigation as experts try to determine whether these lights are a natural or supernatural occurrence.

Next, uncover the curious tale of a goat that seemingly possessed the spirit of a human, walking down a street in an eerily human-like manner. Unravel the mystery behind this unusual event and explore potential explanations.

Lastly, travel to Japan to investigate mysterious stone carvings and their possible connection to a legendary close encounter. Discover the secrets hidden within these ancient artifacts and their potential links to otherworldly encounters.

Release Date & Time: 10:03 PM Friday 11 August 2023 on History

The Proof Is Out There Marfa Lights, Devil Goat and Subway Survivor Cast – Season 3 Episode 18

Main Cast
Tony Harris
Ken Gerhard
Michael Primeau
Cliff Barackman
Michio Kaku
Shea Conger
Deanna Hence
Hakeem Oluseyi
Floyd Hayes
Kathy Moskowitz Strain

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