The Really Loud House Season 2 Episode 1 A Musical to Remember Airs February 19 2024 on Nickelodeon

Get ready for a memorable evening with Season 2 Episode 1 of “The Really Loud House,” titled “A Musical to Remember,” airing at 7:00 PM on Monday, February 19, 2024, on Nickelodeon. In this exciting episode, viewers will join Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride on a musical journey filled with twists, turns, and plenty of laughs.

When Lincoln accidentally consumes some memory-erasing jellybeans, his plans with Clyde take an unexpected turn. Determined to help their friend regain his memories, the Loud family springs into action. They discover that music has the power to jog a person’s memory, sparking an idea to stage a musical extravaganza.

As the Louds work together to create a spectacular show, they hope that the music will bring back Lincoln’s lost memories before it’s too late. Along the way, they encounter hilarious mishaps and heartwarming moments that showcase the power of friendship and family bonds.

Don’t miss out on the excitement and laughter of “A Musical to Remember” on Nickelodeon. Tune in for an evening of music, memories, and mayhem with the lovable characters of “The Really Loud House”!

Release Date & Time: 7:00 PM Monday 19 February 2024 on Nickelodeon

The Really Loud House A Musical to Remember Cast – Season 2 Episode 1

Main Cast
Lincoln Loud (Wolfgang Schaeffer)
Lori Loud (Lexi DiBenedetto)
Leni Loud (Eva Carlton)
Luna Loud (Sophia Woodward)
Luan Loud (Catherine Ashmore Bradley)
Lynn Loud (Annaka Fourneret)
Lucy Loud (Aubin Bradley)
Lana Loud (Mia Allan)
Lola Loud (Ella Allan)
Lisa Loud (Lexi Janicek)
Lily Loud (August Michael Peterson)
Lynn Loud Sr. (Brian Stepanek)
Rita Loud (Jolie Jenkins)
Clyde McBride (Jahzir Bruno)

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