The Repair Shop Season 11 Episode 37 Airs October 17 2023 on BBC One

On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at 3:45 PM, BBC One will show Season 11, Episode 37 of “The Repair Shop.”

In this episode, skilled craftsmen work together to fix old and special items like music boxes, vases, and clocks. They want to show that almost anything can be fixed and made to look like new. The show is all about repairing things that are important to people.

If you enjoy watching the transformation of old items into their former selves, this episode is for you. It’s a demonstration of the power of restoration. So, make sure to tune in at 3:45 PM to see these talented craftsmen at work, proving that cherished items can always be brought back to life.

Release Date & Time 345 PM Tuesday 17 October 2023 on BBC One

The Repair Shop Cast – Season 11 Episode 37

Main Cast
Jay Blades
Steven Fletcher
Will Kirk
Suzie Fletcher
Dominic Chinea
Kirsten Ramsay
Brenton West
Lucia Scalisi
Sonnaz Nooranvary
Bill Paterson
Robert Pugh
Tim Weeks
Julie Tatchell

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