The Repair Shop Season 12 Episode 12 Airs December 27 2023 on BBC One

Prepare for an evening of heartwarming transformations as “The Repair Shop” returns for Season 12, Episode 12 on Wednesday, December 27, at 8:00 PM on BBC One. In this installment, expert craftsmen once again pool their talents and resources to breathe new life into cherished heirlooms and treasured antiques. From delicate music boxes to intricate vases and timeless clocks, the team showcases their skills, proving that anything can be restored to its former glory.

Viewers can expect a captivating journey as each restoration unfolds, highlighting not only the craftsmanship but also the sentimental value attached to these beloved items. The show continues to be a testament to the power of skilled hands and dedication in preserving family legacies.

Tune in at 8:00 PM for an evening filled with nostalgia, craftsmanship, and the joy of seeing cherished possessions given a second chance. “The Repair Shop” remains a delightful celebration of heritage, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate the beauty of restoration and the stories that objects carry with them.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Wednesday 27 December 2023 on BBC One

The Repair Shop Cast – Season 12 Episode 12

Main Cast
Jay Blades
Steven Fletcher
Will Kirk
Suzie Fletcher
Dominic Chinea
Kirsten Ramsay
Brenton West
Lucia Scalisi
Sonnaz Nooranvary
Bill Paterson
Robert Pugh
Tim Weeks
Julie Tatchell

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