The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 4 Episode 15: Looking Back and Far Beyond Airs August 8 2023 on History

Get ready for an enlightening episode of “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” Season 4, Episode 15 titled “Looking Back and Far Beyond,” airing on History at 9:00 PM on Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

In this episode, Dr. Travis Taylor takes us on a journey to relive the most shocking and compelling phenomena that have occurred on Skinwalker Ranch over the past year.

Viewers will be treated to a fascinating recap of the most mysterious and unexplained events that have taken place on the ranch. Dr. Travis Taylor shares his firsthand experiences and observations, shedding light on the enigmatic occurrences that continue to baffle experts and enthusiasts alike.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday 8 August 2023 on History

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Looking Back and Far Beyond Cast – Season 4 Episode 15

Main Cast
Brandon Fugal
Travis S. Taylor
Bryant Arnold
Jim Segala
Tom Winterton
Jim Morse

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