The Space Race Airs February 12 2024 on National Geographic

History buffs and space enthusiasts, get ready for an enthralling journey into the era of the space race with the documentary titled “The Space Race.” Airing on National Geographic on Monday, February 12, 2024, at 9:00 PM, this insightful program offers a deep dive into a pivotal moment in history.

“The Space Race” takes viewers back to a time when the United States and the Soviet Union were locked in an ideological and technological battle for supremacy in space exploration. What sets this documentary apart is its focus on the personal stories of three individuals who became central figures in this high-stakes competition.

These three men were not just astronauts; they were symbols of their respective nations’ ambitions and ideologies. Their journeys, challenges, and triumphs are explored in detail, providing a human perspective on an otherwise grand-scale historical event.

Viewers can expect to gain a newfound appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication of these individuals as they navigated the complexities of space exploration during a turbulent period in history. “The Space Race” promises to be a riveting and educational experience, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes stories that shaped the course of history.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness history come to life on your screens. Tune in to National Geographic on Monday at 9:00 PM for a captivating exploration of the space race and the remarkable individuals who played a role in it.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Monday 12 February 2024 on National Geographic

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