The Steve Wilkos Show Season 17 Episode 99 Who Abused My 11-Month-Old Daughter? Airs April 29 2024 on PIX

Get ready for a gripping and emotional episode of “The Steve Wilkos Show” airing on PIX at 12:00 PM on Monday, April 29th, 2024! In Season 17 Episode 99, titled “Who Abused My 11-Month-Old Daughter?” viewers are in for a heart-wrenching story.

Debbie comes forward with a heartbreaking allegation: she believes someone has caused bodily harm to her 11-month-old daughter. She suspects her cousin may be involved in the abuse or is concealing the identity of the real culprit. With tensions running high and accusations flying, Steve Wilkos steps in to uncover the truth and bring justice to light.

Additionally, Steve provides an update on a previous guest who confessed to abusing her son, only to later claim it was a lie. As the drama unfolds, viewers can expect raw emotions, tough questions, and, hopefully, closure for those involved.

Don’t miss out on this intense and thought-provoking episode of “The Steve Wilkos Show” as Steve and his team work tirelessly to unravel the truth behind a devastating accusation. Tune in for a compelling hour of television that’s sure to leave a lasting impact.

Release Date & Time: 12:00 PM Monday 29 April 2024 on PIX

The Steve Wilkos Show Who Abused My 11-Month-Old Daughter? Cast – Season 17 Episode 99

Main Cast
Steve Wilkos

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