The Travel Show Airs December 29 2023 on BBC One

Embark on a global adventure with “The Travel Show” as the team takes you on a journey of discovery, airing at 4:30 AM on Friday, December 29, 2023, exclusively on BBC One. This travel series is your passport to exploring new destinations and uncovering hidden sides to some of the world’s favorite holiday hotspots.

The hosts lead the way, sharing their enthusiasm and curiosity as they delve into the heart of diverse cultures and scenic landscapes. Whether it’s unveiling the secrets of lesser-known gems or offering fresh perspectives on well-loved destinations, “The Travel Show” promises to be a visual feast for wanderlust enthusiasts. From bustling city streets to serene natural wonders, each episode unfolds a tapestry of experiences that captivate and inspire.

Set your alarm early and join the team for an intimate and immersive exploration of the world’s wonders. “The Travel Show” at 4:30 AM on BBC One is your invitation to a global odyssey, filled with awe-inspiring moments and travel insights that will fuel your wanderlust. Don’t miss the chance to be transported to new horizons from the comfort of your own home.

Release Date & Time: 4:30 AM Friday 29 December 2023 on BBC One

The Travel Show Cast –

Main Cast

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