The UnBelievable With Dan Aykroyd Season 1 Episode 2 Bizarre Deaths Airs December 8 2023 on History

This Friday at 10:04 PM on History, viewers are in for a riveting episode of “The UnBelievable With Dan Aykroyd” – Season 1 Episode 2, titled “Bizarre Deaths.” In this installment, the show takes a plunge into the annals of history, unearthing tales of some of the most peculiar and shocking deaths on record.

From a 25-foot tidal wave of molasses engulfing Boston to a dancing plague claiming the lives of 100 people, the episode explores incidents that defy belief. The journey extends to a surgery with a staggering 300% mortality rate, offering a glimpse into the bizarre and often unbelievable side of history.

Hosted by the legendary Dan Aykroyd, the series seeks out the strangest stories, providing a unique perspective on historical events. Join the exploration of these unusual tales this Friday for an intriguing and sometimes macabre journey through the unexpected twists of the past. Tune in to History at 10:04 PM for an episode that promises to be both enlightening and astonishing.

Release Date & Time: 10:04 PM Friday 8 December 2023 on History

The UnBelievable With Dan Aykroyd Bizarre Deaths Cast – Season 1 Episode 2

Main Cast
Dan Aykroyd

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