Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits Season 1 Episode 20 Beyond the Readings: Restoring Faith Airs May 9 2024 on Lifetime

Join Theresa Caputo in the latest episode of “Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits” as she takes viewers beyond the readings in “Restoring Faith,” airing on May 9, 2024, on Lifetime. In this captivating installment, Theresa revisits her memorable trip to a winery, offering viewers an exclusive look at a never-before-seen reading that will leave audiences awe-inspired.

Additionally, prepare for shocking validations and heartwarming affirmations as Theresa conducts private readings back home. Witness the profound impact of her spiritual connections as she delivers messages of healing, hope, and reassurance to those seeking guidance and closure.

With Theresa’s unique ability to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds, “Beyond the Readings: Restoring Faith” promises to be an uplifting and enlightening episode that reaffirms the power of faith, love, and the unbreakable bonds that connect us all. Tune in to Lifetime for an unforgettable journey of spiritual discovery and restoration with Theresa Caputo.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Thursday 9 May 2024 on Lifetime

Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits Beyond the Readings: Restoring Faith Cast – Season 1 Episode 20

Main Cast
Theresa Caputo

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