Tomorrow’s World Today Season 6 Episode 3: Horizontal Drilling Airs September 23 2023 on Science

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 10:00 AM, Science channel will air Season 6, Episode 3 of “Tomorrow’s World Today” titled “Horizontal Drilling.” In this episode, George sends Greg to the World of Production to explore the use of horizontal drilling technology.

The focus of this episode is on how horizontal drilling technology is being used to improve lives by making energy production more efficient and responsible. Greg will delve into the world of production to understand the process of horizontal drilling and its impact on our lives.

This episode aims to educate viewers about the significance of horizontal drilling in the energy sector. It’s an opportunity for viewers to learn about this innovative technology and how it contributes to a more sustainable and efficient energy production process.

If you’re curious about how technology is shaping the future of energy production and want to gain insights into horizontal drilling, don’t miss “Tomorrow’s World Today” on Science. It’s a simple and informative way to discover how technology is making a difference in the world of energy.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 AM Saturday 23 September 2023 on Science

Tomorrow’s World Today Horizontal Drilling Cast – Season 6 Episode 3

Main Cast
George Davison
Tamara Lee Krinsky

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