Tracker Season 1 Episode 10 Into the Wild Airs April 28 2024 on CBS

Get ready for a thrilling adventure with Colter in Season 1 Episode 10 of “Tracker” titled “Into the Wild,” airing this Sunday at 9:00 PM on CBS. In this action-packed installment, viewers will join Colter as he embarks on a daring journey into the untamed wilderness of Idaho.

The episode centers around Colter’s mission to track down the missing adult children of an aerial outfitting company owner. Last seen boarding a plane during treacherous weather conditions, the stakes couldn’t be higher as Colter races against time to locate the missing individuals and bring them safely home.

With his expert tracking skills and unwavering determination, Colter navigates through rugged terrain and unpredictable elements in search of clues that will lead him to the whereabouts of the lost party. Along the way, he encounters challenges and dangers that test his resolve, making for a gripping and suspenseful storyline.

Don’t miss out on the adrenaline-fueled excitement of “Tracker: Into the Wild.” Tune in this Sunday at 9:00 PM on CBS for an unforgettable episode packed with thrills, twists, and high-stakes drama.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Sunday 28 April 2024 on CBS

Tracker Into the Wild Cast – Season 1 Episode 10

Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw
Abby McEnany as Velma Bruin
Robin Weigert as Teddi Bruin
Fiona Rene as Reenie Green
Eric Graise as Bob Exley
Gil Birmingham as Gus McMillion
Jarrod Daniel as Hank McMillion
Rachel Colwell as Madison McMillion
Jonathon Connelly as Ranger Moore
Liza Huget as Leslie
Main Cast
Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw
Robin Weigert as Teddi Bruin
Abby McEnany as Velma Bruin
Eric Graise as Bob Exley
Fiona Rene
Mary McDonnell as Mary Dove Shaw

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