True Crime Story Season 1 Episode 37 Smugshot: Revenge of the PTA Mom Airs March 14 2024 on Sundance

In the upcoming episode of “True Crime Story” titled “Smugshot: Revenge of the PTA Mom,” viewers are in for a gripping tale of revenge and betrayal. This Thursday at 9:00 PM on Sundance, the show unfolds the chilling story of a wealthy Orange County mom and her husband, both attorneys, who meticulously plot revenge against the PTA president for what they perceive as a failure to properly supervise their son at school.

The narrative takes a dark turn, beginning with a calculated smear campaign that swiftly escalates to the involvement of law enforcement. As the tension builds, the consequences become increasingly severe, eventually reaching a point where the vengeful actions of the protagonists go too far. This true crime saga delves into the complexities of power, privilege, and the unraveling of lives, making it a must-watch for fans of suspenseful and thought-provoking storytelling.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Thursday 14 March 2024 on Sundance

True Crime Story Smugshot: Revenge of the PTA Mom Cast – Season 1 Episode 37

Main Cast
Hilarie Burton

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