Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living Season 4 Episode 17: Big Thanks Little Thanks Airs September 27 2023 on BET

This Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at 9:00 PM on BET, “Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living” presents Season 4, Episode 17, titled “Big Thanks Little Thanks.” In this episode, viewers can expect some humorous Thanksgiving preparations and heartfelt moments.

The storyline follows Leah, who assigns the task of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey to Sandra. The catch is that Sandra doesn’t have any cooking skills, and this leads to a comical situation. With hungry residents eagerly awaiting their Thanksgiving meal, tensions rise, and Sandra has to find a way to navigate the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Anastasia faces her own challenges as she copes with the loss of an old friend, highlighting the emotional aspects of the episode.

“Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living” is a comedy series that revolves around the quirky characters in an assisted living facility and the humorous situations they find themselves in.

Tune in at 9:00 PM this Wednesday on BET to watch “Big Thanks Little Thanks” and enjoy the blend of humor and heartfelt moments in this Thanksgiving-themed episode. It’s a show that offers both laughter and emotion for viewers of all ages to appreciate.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday 27 September 2023 on BET

Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living Big Thanks Little Thanks Cast – Season 4 Episode 17

Main Cast
David Mann as Leroy "Mr. Brown" Brown
Tamela Mann as Cora Simmons-Brown
J. Anthony Brown as Vinny
Na'im Lynn as Jeremy
Courtney Nichole as Leah
Tayler Buck as Sandra
Alex Henderson as Phillip
Damien Leake as Reginald June
Chet Anekwe as Efe Omowafe
Alretha Thomas as Anastasia Devereaux

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