Unfathomed Episode 7 The Fish Camp Airs January 29 2024 on OUTD

This Monday at 3:00 PM on OUTD, fishing enthusiasts are in for an exciting adventure with Episode 7 of “Unfathomed” titled “The Fish Camp.” Join Captain George Gozdz as he takes a road trip to the fish camp that captures everyone’s dreams, embarking on a quest specifically targeting the elusive redfish.

In this installment, viewers can anticipate a thrilling expedition as Captain Gozdz navigates the waters in pursuit of the prized redfish, showcasing his angling expertise and offering valuable insights into the world of fishing. “The Fish Camp” promises not only a scenic journey to an idyllic fishing spot but also a captivating exploration of the techniques and strategies employed to tackle the challenging redfish.

Tune in at 3:00 PM for an engaging afternoon with “Unfathomed” on OUTD. This episode guarantees a perfect blend of fishing excitement and outdoor exploration, inviting enthusiasts to join Captain George Gozdz on his quest for the revered redfish at the fish camp of everyone’s dreams.

Release Date & Time: 3:00 PM Monday 29 January 2024 on OUTD

Unfathomed The Fish Camp Cast – Episode 7

Main Cast

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