Viral Outdoors Season 5 Episode 6 Hunters we Love and Love to Hate Airs February 4 2024 on OUTD

“Viral Outdoors” is back with an action-packed episode that’s sure to get hunting enthusiasts excited. On Sunday, February 4th, 2024, at 1:30 AM on OUTD, get ready for “Hunters we Love and Love to Hate,” the sixth episode of Season 5.

In this episode, the hosts have a special treat for viewers as they welcome Josh Bowmar and Christian Huff, two avid hunters known for their viral hunting adventures. You can expect thrilling moments, epic shots, and plenty of excitement as they dive into some of their most viral hunts.

From heart-pounding encounters with wildlife to the satisfaction of a successful hunt, “Hunters we Love and Love to Hate” promises to deliver the kind of hunting action that fans of “Viral Outdoors” love.

If you’re a hunting enthusiast or simply enjoy the thrill of the great outdoors, don’t miss this episode as it celebrates the passion and adventure that hunting brings to these hunters’ lives. Tune in and join the excitement as they share their memorable hunting experiences with the world.

Release Date & Time: 1:30 AM Sunday 4 February 2024 on OUTD

Viral Outdoors Hunters we Love and Love to Hate Cast – Season 5 Episode 6

Main Cast
Matt Busbice

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