Weakest Link Season 3 Episode 11 How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas Airs November 27 2023 on NBC

This Monday at 10:00 PM on NBC, “Weakest Link” gets a festive makeover with Season 3 Episode 11, titled “How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas.” In this holiday-themed edition, a Santa, an elf, and a Dickens caroler, joined by five other merry helpers, step up to the trivia challenge to see whose knowledge will sleigh the competition. The stakes are high as they vie for a substantial cash prize, making it a very merry holiday season for the ultimate winner.

Hosted by the charismatic Jane Lynch, the episode promises a blend of festive cheer and intellectual competition, as contestants navigate through a series of questions designed to test their holiday trivia chops. With the iconic “Weakest Link” format, where contestants vote out the perceived weakest link after each round, viewers can anticipate both strategic gameplay and entertaining banter.

Tune in at 10:00 PM for a jolly and intellectually stimulating night with “Weakest Link.” Whether you’re a fan of trivia shows or simply in the mood for some holiday-themed competition, this episode is sure to deliver a mix of yuletide spirit and brain-teasing challenges.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Monday 27 November 2023 on NBC

Weakest Link How Jane Lynch Stole Christmas Cast – Season 3 Episode 11

Main Cast
Jane Lynch

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