Welcome to Plathville More to Love: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow Airs November 2 2023 on TLC

In the upcoming episode of “Welcome to Plathville” Season 5, titled “More to Love: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow,” airing on Thursday, November 2, 2023, at 8:00 PM on TLC, viewers will get an inside look at the Plath family’s life with bonus scenes.

The episode promises some family news as Barry and Kim share important updates with their children. Moriah, known for her personal rebellion against the family’s strict rules, takes her defiance a step further by getting a tattoo.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Olivia prepare to say goodbye to Tampa, perhaps marking a significant change in their lives. Moriah, on the other hand, plays host to her sisters for a special girls’ weekend, offering a glimpse into their unique family dynamics.

Tune in to TLC on November 2 to catch these intriguing family moments on “Welcome to Plathville.”

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Thursday 2 November 2023 on TLC

Welcome to Plathville More to Love: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow Cast – Season 5

Main Cast
Barry Plath, Kim Plath, Ethan Plath, Hosanna Noble, Micah Plath, Moriah Plath, Lydia Plath, Isaac Plath, Joshua Plath, Amber Plath, Cassia Plath, Mercy Plath

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