Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 Episode 14: Worst Case Scenario Airs November 7 2023 on FX

Get ready for a new episode of “Welcome to Wrexham” on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at 11:30 PM on FX. In this episode titled “Worst Case Scenario,” co-Chairmen Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds are facing a challenging situation as they strive to secure promotion for the club.

To overcome these hurdles, they call on the support of friends and sponsors to help raise the profile of the club. As they work tirelessly to achieve their goal, viewers can expect to see the behind-the-scenes efforts and strategic decisions that go into managing a football club.

This episode promises an unfiltered look at the challenges faced by the co-Chairmen as they navigate the world of professional football. It’s a must-watch for football enthusiasts and fans of the show, as it delves into the ups and downs of the sport and the business side of running a club.

Tune in to FX on November 7 to follow the journey of “Welcome to Wrexham” as it unfolds in “Worst Case Scenario.”

Release Date & Time: 11:30 PM Tuesday 7 November 2023 on FX

Welcome to Wrexham Worst Case Scenario Cast – Season 2 Episode 14

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