Wild Child Season 4 Episode 1 Jungle Jams Airs January 6 2024 on NBC

Get ready for a wild adventure as “Wild Child” returns with Season 4 Episode 1, titled “Jungle Jams,” airing at 11:30 AM on Saturday, January 6, 2024, on NBC. Host Sheinelle Jones dives headfirst into the heart of the jungle to explore the remarkable animals that turn this environment into a swinging sensation.

In this exciting premiere, viewers can expect an up-close and personal encounter with the diverse and fascinating creatures that call the jungle home. Sheinelle takes the audience on a journey through the lush greenery, uncovering the secrets of the jungle’s vibrant ecosystem.

From swinging primates to the rhythmic sounds of the jungle, this episode promises a delightful blend of education and entertainment. Tune in to NBC at 11:30 AM for an engaging start to Season 4 of “Wild Child,” as Sheinelle Jones showcases the wonders of the jungle and the incredible wildlife that makes it a truly unique and thriving habitat.

Release Date & Time: 11:30 AM Saturday 6 January 2024 on NBC

Wild Child Jungle Jams Cast – Season 4 Episode 1

Main Cast
Sheinelle Jones

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