Wild Game Masterclass With Mike Robinson Season 3 Episode 2 Wild Boar Ragu With Cappelletti Airs December 11 2023 on OUTD

This Monday at 7:00 PM on OUTD, “Wild Game Masterclass With Mike Robinson” is set to tantalize taste buds in Season 3 Episode 2, titled “Wild Boar Ragu With Cappelletti.” Join Mike Robinson and guest chef Marco Caparelli as they take cooking to the next level, crafting a delectable wild boar ragu paired with mouthwatering cappelletti.

In this episode, viewers can anticipate a culinary masterpiece as Mike and Chef Marco showcase their expertise in transforming wild game into a gourmet delight. The wild boar ragu promises to be a savory sensation, with flavors that capture the essence of the great outdoors. Paired with the delicate and handcrafted cappelletti, this dish offers a fusion of tradition and culinary innovation.

For food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike, “Wild Boar Ragu With Cappelletti” is a must-watch. The episode not only provides a step-by-step guide to a sumptuous dish but also highlights the artistry and passion that go into mastering wild game cuisine. Get ready for a feast for the senses as “Wild Game Masterclass” elevates outdoor cooking to a whole new level.

Release Date & Time: 7:00 PM Monday 11 December 2023 on OUTD

Wild Game Masterclass With Mike Robinson Wild Boar Ragu With Cappelletti Cast – Season 3 Episode 2

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