Wild Kratts: Our Blue and Green World Airs April 1 2024 on PBS

Attention all nature lovers and young explorers! Get ready for an exciting new adventure with the Kratt brothers in “Wild Kratts: Our Blue and Green World,” airing Monday at 8:30 AM on PBS. In this special episode, Chris and Martin Kratt find themselves embroiled in a friendly debate during their annual Laundry Day.

As they go about their chores, the brothers find themselves at odds over what’s better: the vast blue oceans or the lush green forests. Their playful banter leads to a spirited exploration of the unique wonders of both environments.

Viewers will be treated to fascinating insights into marine life and terrestrial ecosystems as the Kratt brothers showcase the incredible diversity of life on our planet. From the depths of the ocean to the heights of the treetops, “Wild Kratts: Our Blue and Green World” celebrates the beauty and importance of both environments.

Join Chris and Martin on Monday at 8:30 AM on PBS as they embark on a colorful journey through our blue and green world. It’s an episode that promises fun, laughter, and valuable lessons about the wonders of nature.

Release Date & Time: 8:30 AM Monday 1 April 2024 on PBS

Wild Kratts: Our Blue and Green World Cast –

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