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Will Trent Cast & Guest Stars Tonight & 2024 Season

Will Trent Cast, Recurring Cast & Guest Stars 2024

Find out the main cast, recurring cast and guest stars for the 2024 season.

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Main Cast 2024

Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent
Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski
Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell
Jake McLaughlin as Michael Ormewood
Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner

Guest Stars 2024

Tonight’s Cast & Guest Stars

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Will Trent Season 2 Episode 2 It’s the Work I Signed up For Airs February 27 2024 on ABC

Get ready for another thrilling episode of “Will Trent” as Season 2 Episode 2, titled “It’s the Work I Signed up For,” airs on ABC at 8:00 PM on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. In this gripping installment, GBI Special Agent Will Trent brings his unique perspective to the forefront as he tackles challenging cases with tenacity and skill.

Growing up in Atlanta’s overwhelmed foster care system has given Will Trent a distinct advantage in understanding the complexities of the human psyche. Armed with empathy and intuition, he navigates the intricacies of each investigation, unraveling clues and piecing together the truth with precision.

In “It’s the Work I Signed up For,” viewers can expect edge-of-your-seat suspense as Will delves into a new case that pushes him to his limits. With twists, turns, and unexpected revelations, this episode promises to keep audiences guessing until the very end.

Don’t miss out on the action-packed drama and compelling storytelling of “Will Trent,” exclusively on ABC. Tune in for an evening of suspense and intrigue that will leave you eager for more.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday 27 February 2024 on ABC

Will Trent It’s the Work I Signed up For Cast – Season 2 Episode 2

Main Cast
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