Wreck Season 2 Episode 1 Gay Miles Per Hour Airs March 26 2024 on BBC Three

Get ready for the thrilling return of “Wreck” with Season 2, Episode 1 titled “Gay Miles Per Hour,” airing this Tuesday at 12:30 AM on BBC Three. In this highly anticipated episode, Jamie and Vivian find themselves back on solid ground as they continue their relentless pursuit to expose the corrupt Velorum.

As the pressure mounts and the danger escalates, Jamie and Vivian are pushed to their limits. With the walls closing in around them, they’re left with no choice but to resort to desperate measures. Their latest mission takes them to an exclusive ‘wellness’ festival in Slovenia, where they hope to uncover the truth behind Velorum’s newest venture.

In a deadly gamble, Jamie and Vivian set their sights on infiltrating the festival and unraveling the web of deceit that surrounds Velorum. With secrets and dangers lurking at every turn, viewers can expect pulse-pounding action and suspense in this gripping season premiere.

Don’t miss out on the heart-stopping thrills of “Wreck: Gay Miles Per Hour,” airing this Tuesday at 12:30 AM on BBC Three. Tune in to witness Jamie and Vivian’s daring quest for justice in the face of overwhelming odds.

Release Date & Time: 12:30 AM Tuesday 26 March 2024 on BBC Three

Wreck Gay Miles Per Hour Cast – Season 2 Episode 1

Main Cast
Oscar Kennedy
Thaddea Graham
Jack Rowan
Anthony Rickman
Louis Boyer
Alice Nokes
Peter Claffey
Miya Ocego
Jodie Tyack

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