Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum Season 2 Episode 5 I Am Grandmaster Flash; I Am Mary Seacole Airs January 19 2024 on PBS

This Friday at 12:30 PM on PBS, young viewers are in for an educational and heartwarming experience with Season 2 Episode 5 of “Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.” Titled “I Am Grandmaster Flash; I Am Mary Seacole,” the episode dives into the worlds of music and empathy.

Grandmaster Flash takes center stage, teaching Xavier the importance of experimentation in creating new music. It’s a lesson that transcends genres and showcases the power of creativity. Meanwhile, Xavier and Yadina discover numerous ways to help their friend Brad feel better after a mishap with his bike. The episode emphasizes the value of empathy and friendship, weaving important life lessons into the entertaining narrative.

Tune in at 12:30 PM for an episode that combines fun adventures with meaningful insights. “Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum” Season 2 Episode 5 is a must-watch for young audiences, offering a delightful blend of education and entertainment.

Release Date & Time: 12:30 PM Friday 19 January 2024 on PBS

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum I Am Grandmaster Flash; I Am Mary Seacole Cast – Season 2 Episode 5

Main Cast

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