Yellowstone Wardens Season 1 Episode 28 Bad Boys, Bad Boys Airs November 26 2023 on Animal Planet

This Sunday at 9:00 PM on Animal Planet, “Yellowstone Wardens” returns with Season 1 Episode 28, titled “Bad Boys, Bad Boys.” The episode unfolds with Warden Kuka on the trail as he catches a repeat offender in the act, showcasing the tenacity of these guardians of the wilderness. Simultaneously, Warden Holland discovers more than a fishing violation when he encounters an individual without a license, revealing an additional warrant for their arrest.

“Bad Boys, Bad Boys” promises an action-packed installment with Wardens Taylor and Burroughs employing an elk decoy to lure in hunters, showcasing their creative approaches to enforcing wildlife regulations. For viewers interested in the challenges faced by wardens in preserving the natural order, this episode offers a glimpse into their daily struggles and triumphs.

Tune in at 9:00 PM for an Animal Planet special that captures the drama, suspense, and dedication of the “Yellowstone Wardens” in their relentless pursuit of justice in the great outdoors.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Sunday 26 November 2023 on Animal Planet

Yellowstone Wardens Bad Boys, Bad Boys Cast – Season 1 Episode 28

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