Zombie House Flipping Season 6 Episode 3: Dallas: Stillwater Airs November 11 2023 on A&E

This Saturday, on November 11, 2023, at 12:00 PM, don’t miss an exciting episode of “Zombie House Flipping” on A&E. In this Season 6 installment titled “Dallas: Stillwater,” viewers will follow Justin Stamper and his team as they tackle the task of purchasing and renovating abandoned, bank-owned zombie houses.

The show offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of house flipping, with a unique twist – these houses are no ordinary fixer-uppers; they’re zombie houses that have been left to decay. Justin Stamper and his dedicated team are on a mission to breathe new life into these neglected properties.

Each episode of “Zombie House Flipping” takes you on a journey through the process of acquiring these run-down homes, making the necessary repairs, and transforming them into revitalized, market-ready properties. It’s a mix of home improvement, real estate, and adventure, as they navigate the challenges of each unique project.

If you’re a fan of home renovation shows and enjoy seeing the transformation of neglected properties, “Zombie House Flipping” is the perfect choice for your Saturday viewing. Don’t forget to tune in at 12:00 PM and witness the magic of house flipping in action.

Release Date & Time: 12:00 PM Saturday 11 November 2023 on A&E

Zombie House Flipping Dallas: Stillwater Cast – Season 6 Episode 3

Main Cast
Justin Stamper
Ashlee Casserly

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