20/20 Love. Honor. Betray Airs February 16 2024 on ABC

Don’t miss the gripping episode of “20/20” titled “Love. Honor. Betray” airing on February 16, 2024, on ABC. This episode delves into the tragic tale of U.S. Army Sergeant Tyrone Hassel III, whose life was tragically ended in a chilling murder plot orchestrated by his own wife, Kemia Hassel, and her lover, Jeremy Cuellar.

The story unfolds with a chilling 911 call made by Kemia Hassel on New Year’s Eve 2018, reporting her husband’s fatal shooting. However, as the investigation progresses, a disturbing truth emerges. Kemia and Cuellar conspired to end Tyrone’s life to fulfill their own selfish desires.

Through interviews, footage, and investigative reports, viewers will gain insight into the devastating aftermath of this deception and the profound impact it has had on Tyrone’s loved ones. The episode offers a compelling exploration of love, betrayal, and the pursuit of justice.

Tune in to ABC’s “20/20” on February 16 for a riveting and heartbreaking examination of this tragic case.

Release Date & Time: 9:01 PM Friday 16 February 2024 on ABC

20/20 Cast –

Main Cast
David Muir
Amy Robach

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