Antiques Road Trip Today January 2023 on BBC One

Today, January 31 2023, BBC presents the series in which antiques experts set off on a road trip around the UK searching for treasures and competing to make the most money at auction.

Antiques Road Trip Today, January 31 2023

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DateSummaryNew / Repeat
Friday, 21 October 2022Series 24 Episode 10 of 25

On the final leg of this Caledonian caper, auctioneer Izzie Balmer and dealer David Harper hit the Highlands proper. These antiques experts will be pootling along both the high and low roads of north east Scotland in this final, nail-biting episode.

While shopping, David falls under the stare of a man from 1860, but jewellery expert Izzie plays it safe and picks up something sparkly.

David takes the time to visit the Cromarty birthplace of a Victorian Scottish hero, and Izzie is given a close-up look at some of the last wild cats in Britain. And there’s still plenty of shopping for each of them to do before they head towards the climactic final auction. Dress code: tartan!
Thursday, 20 October 2022Series 24 Episode 9 of 25

It’s the fourth leg of this Scottish extravaganza with auctioneer Izzie Balmer and dealer David Harper. As it happens, they’ll be awfully close to St Andrews, ‘the home of golf’, so perhaps we should call it leg fore!

For their rummage around Fife, Perthshire and Angus, Izzie and David have a trusty vintage Mini and whatever funds they have successfully accrued on top of their £200 starting sum. Izzie finds a very rare jar that results in a bidding war at auction, much to David’s despair.

Our experts take a break from the shopping to find out about an education revolution deep in the Scottish woods and to discover the medieval abbey in which one of the country’s most famous exports has its roots.

When they’re all shopped up, it’s time for the penultimate auction. Will it be birdies or bogeys for our pair?
Wednesday, 19 October 2022Series 24 Episode 8 of 25

It’s the third leg of the trip with all-singing, all-dancing antiques experts Izzie Balmer and David Harper.

Bristolian Izzie and David from Barnard Castle are making their way around Edinburgh and the surrounding towns in a retro Mini. Izzie finds herself out of her comfort zone when she acquires a bubble sextant, and David serves up an Edwardian card tray.

Our experts take a break from the shopping to learn about the first international rugby trophy, the Calcutta Cup, and to find out about the first all-female Himalayan expedition.

They end this leg of their trip in Fife, watching the auction play out at the stunning Dunimarle Castle. But who will claim victory?
Tuesday, 18 October 2022Series 24 Episode 7 of 25

Izzie Balmer and David Harper continue their Scottish antiques adventures in a vintage Mini. This time, Izzie, our Bristolian auctioneer, and David, a dealer from Barnard Castle, have reached the country’s Central Belt. Yes, Glasgow itself is up for a rummage!

David uncovers a Wedgwood brooch and Izzie a pair of tables. On the way to their second auction, David visits a world-famous tea rooms recently restored to showcase some of the finest work produced by celebrated architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his artist wife Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh. Meanwhile, Izzie finds the time to learn about Scotland’s Victorian wind-power pioneer, but will the bidders be blown away by our duo’s lots at the auction?
Monday, 17 October 2022Series 24 Episode 6 of 25

Dealer David Harper takes on auctioneer Izzie Balmer in a new expert match-up. These antiques seekers have very high hopes, and £200 each, as they head off into the Scottish countryside in a 1980s Mini.

This time they begin in the Borders at Moffat and make their roundabout way towards Hamilton in Scotland’s central belt. Both experts decide to go for Japanese antiques, but will it be the print or the vases that makes the most profit at auction?

Along the way, Izzie visits Galashiels to see the magnificent Great Tapestry of Scotland, while David goes to Ettrick, the home of a herd of Britain’s largest sheep breed, the Border Leicester.

But when it comes down to brass tacks, who will win auction number one?
Friday, 14 October 2022Series 25 Episode 25 of 25

Our sunkissed searchers, Izzie Balmer and James Braxton, pootle about Wales in their sporty classic car.

Jewellery specialist Izzie strikes gold while shopping, finding a bangle, a pendant and earrings, and she takes a punt on a Wedgwood pie dish. She also dips into the history of Tenby, a seaside town that was once a swanky Georgian spa resort.

Meanwhile, James’s magpie tendencies take flight as he accumulates a hoard of shiny items, and one piece of silver causes a shock at auction. Taking a break from the shops, James goes walkies to Sealyham Mansion to learn about a pooch particular to Pembrokeshire - and how this game hunter is now helping people.

The pair watch on from the impressive Cilwendeg Mansion in Pembrokeshire as the final auction of the trip takes place in Buckinghamshire.
Thursday, 13 October 2022Series 25 Episode 24 of 25

Izzie Balmer and James Braxton continue to enjoy Wales as they take on the mountains of antiques in Snowdonia National Park. From behind the wheel of their little blue sporty roadster, they clock up the miles as they go from antiques shops to emporia, hunting for collectables they can flip for a profit at auction. Scent bottles, brick moulds and cloisonné bowls attract the attention of these antiques aficionados.

James finds time to slip into chainmail to learn about a revolutionary Welsh king, while Izzie befriends an equally iconic and ‘beefy’ local legend.

Whose items will reach the heady heights of profit, and whose will suffer value vertigo at the auction in Leicestershire?
Wednesday, 12 October 2022Series 25 Episode 23 of 25

It’s the third outing for Izzie Balmer and James Braxton, who have pointed their sports car along the roads less travelled to north Wales. Stops include the historic island of Anglesey, with unspoilt beaches, picturesque villages and antiques shops ready to be explored.

James sticks to what he loves when he shops and buys yet more bamboo - this time a jardinière stand. He also picks up a sweet pair of bonbon dishes dating from 1896. Rival Izzie plumps for a novelty money box in the form of a pigeon, which she hopes will fly at auction. However, Izzie’s biggest spend is on a 19th-century tramp art box. Will bidders be as attracted to it?

Izzie detours from the shops to visit a sleeping copper giant, while James rides the rails on the Great Orme Tramway in Llandudno.

The pair park up in pretty Portmeirion and watch the auction from afar as their buys go under the gavel in Warwickshire.
Tuesday, 11 October 2022Series 25 Episode 22 of 25

Experts Izzie Balmer and James Braxton are back on the road, travelling through Wales and Shropshire on their quest to find profit-making antiques. Their nippy 1970s two-seater is perfect for the twisting miles of bucolic back roads. There’s even a spot to pull over for a picnic.

Chocolate tiffin consumed, it’s soon time for shopping. Izzie splashes a three-figure sum on an 18th-century oak coffer and falls in love with a sampler stitched in 1832, both of which she thinks will make her a profit at the auction in Tring. James, meanwhile, has high hopes for a pair of 1911 silver scallop-shell butter dishes and an Edwardian mahogany table.

In a break from buying antiques, Izzie heads to Oswestry to find out how a forbidden love story set during the Second World War was uncovered. James takes a jaunt to Llandrindod Wells to learn about one of the first professional Welsh cyclists, who became a 19th-century world champion.

Then it’s off to the impressive Gwrych Castle to find out how well their purchases perform at auction.
Monday, 10 October 2022Series 25 Episode 21 of 25

It’s a trip to sunny south Wales for antiques experts Izzie Balmer and James Braxton as they kick off a new adventure. They’re on the road in a rather snug 1970s two-seater sports car, taking the scenic route on a tour around the region’s antiques shops with £200 each to spend.

It’s the second time James and Izzie have gone head-to-head. Jewellery expert Izzie came out on top last time, so the stakes are high for James, who is keen to get ahead on the first leg of this trip.

Izzie decides to buy a monkey-shaped 1920s perfume bottle she thinks will earn a profit at auction, but she’s less sure about an obscure medical curio - a 1920s contraceptive device. James, true to form, can’t resist a bamboo table and picks up a pair of sphinx mounts at a great price.

In a break from shopping, Izzie heads to Langland Bay to find out about the evolution of skateboarding on the Welsh coast. Meanwhile, James finds out about a pioneer philanthropist from Jamaica who improved the lives of the partially sighted in Victorian Cardiff.

Finally, it’s off to the beautiful Ombersley Court in Worcestershire to find out how well their purchases perform at auction.
Friday, 7 October 2022Series 25 Episode 20 of 25

The final bend in the road on this Scottish sojourn sees antiquers Mark Hill and Roo Irvine bombing around the back lanes of the Isle of Skye in a 1970s classic car.

Roo meets the chieftain of a highland clan with a magical weapon to protect him against invaders, while Mark travels to Loch Katrine to learn about one of Scotland’s most famous sons.

The buys are sweet for Roo, who purchases a bonbon dish and a pretty Victorian brooch. Mark goes for glass, buying a couple of colourful, quality items. However, he gambles a three-figure sum on a microscope that could prove to be an expensive mistake.

As the last auction approaches, Mark is in the lead, but Roo isn’t too far behind. Will Mark win his debut trip, or will Roo manage to snatch victory at the last?
Thursday, 6 October 2022Series 25 Episode 19 of 25

It's the penultimate leg of our Scottish road trip, and Roo Irvine and Mark Hill are about as far north on the mainland as they can get! Their 1970s motor has taken them to John O’Groats, and Scottish lass Roo is distracted from antiques shopping as she discovers why the windswept landmark became such an iconic destination.

This Highlands shopping trip proves fruitful, and they leave with a veritable bounty of antique treasure. Some rather smart whisky glasses prove to be a fantastic find, while a 1950s Bakelite telly is a rare survivor of its day. But will the Banbury bidders be as excited as the experts?

Mark takes a break from shopping to learn all about a dark chapter in Scotland’s history and the consequences for Highlanders.

At auction, it’s a battle pitting Mark’s cute teddy and stuffed lamb against Roo’s ornate candelabra.
Wednesday, 5 October 2022Series 25 Episode 18 of 25

The third leg of a romp around Scotland with antiques experts Roo Irvine and Mark Hill. A 1970s Triumph transports our dynamic duo to shops scattered throughout the Highlands.

Veteran road tripper Roo’s laser vision picks out silver antiques in almost every shop. A Georgian brooch gives her something solemn to think about, but a rather unorthodox key rack, she hopes, will unlock some big profits. Meanwhile, rookie tripper Mark continues to buy like an old hand as he finds a wooden sculpture of a naked torso that makes for an exhilarating auction.

On the way to the North Shields saleroom, Mark takes a wee break to learn about the former Scottish institution that embraced a new approach to treating its patients, and Roo braves the weather to find out why a corps of Indian soldiers ended up in the Cairngorms during World War II.
Tuesday, 4 October 2022Series 25 Episode 17 of 25

Roo Irvine is behind the wheel of a 1970s classic car with a rookie road tripper riding shotgun. Mark Hill’s purchases caused quite a shock at auction last time round, so the veteran antiques hunter needs to up her game.

This trip sees them clocking up the miles in the Highlands. Roo falls in love with a set of art deco-style silver butter knives and gambles big money on a little penny bank - a decision that Roo may rue come auction day. Mark risks a three-figure sum on an Edwardian writing table, hoping that its incredible condition will attract big bids. However, it’s the surprising discovery of a rare piece of studio glass that gets the new boy very, very excited.

Mark takes a breather along the way to learn about the cultural and historical significance of the Scots language, even attempting to order his lunch using a newly acquired linguistic skill. Roo meets a Scottish strongman to find out all about a legendary feat of strength.

At auction, will Roo’s love of shiny things be matched by the bidders? And Mark’s rather remarkable find leaves everyone shocked when the gavel comes down.
Monday, 3 October 2022Series 25 Episode 16 of 25

A new road trip, a new classic car and a brand new expert: dealer and auctioneer Mark Hill joins veteran antique-seeker Roo Irvine on a hunt for collectables and curios around Scotland.

Mark goes about parting with his £200 kitty with gusto, buying 1940s ceramics, a ship in a dome and a 1920s French fountain pen that really is something to write home about. However, one discovery he secures for a bargain price proves to be a canny investment when it soars at auction. Meanwhile, Roo steers the Triumph Stag to the shops to find some trench art and a piece of Japanese cloisonné.

There’s also time to learn about a pair of 18th-century body snatchers, a grisly tale that’s sure to give Mark nightmares. Roo hears the little-known story of an Edinburgh native who opened what is considered the first school in Britain to include sign language in education, setting the standards of British Sign Language as we know it today.

At auction, all eyes are on the new boy. Will the rookie Road Tripper cause an upset in Glasgow?
Friday, 30 September 2022Series 25 Episode 14 of 25

It’s the fourth leg of Margie Cooper and Tim Medhurst’s jaunt about the country in a big blue 1970s camper van. This time, silver expert Margie and auctioneer Tim are off to the seaside, starting their trip from Blackpool.

A rummage around the antiques shops of Lancashire uncovers a menagerie of treasures for Margie, as she buys a push-along donkey, a doggy nutcracker and a prancing leather horse. However, a trip to the fairground leaves Margie rather spooked as she rides the ghost train and hears the little-known story behind this much-loved attraction.

Tim goes for an eclectic mix of goodies in the hope they’ll sell for a profit at the Derbyshire auction, including a harvest jug, a pipe holder and gilt bar brooch. He also makes time away from the shops to learn about one of the fathers of British astronomy.
Thursday, 29 September 2022Series 25 Episode 13 of 25

Raise the anchors, set the sails… this road trip is taking to the Irish Sea as Tim Medhurst and Margie Cooper find themselves on the Isle of Man for some antiquing.

Tim gambles on a few purchases, picking up a captain’s chair, a pair of bears and a bronzed sculpture of a footballer. He’s very excited about a find that originated from the Ivory Coast, while Margie plays it safer when she buys an antique corkscrew for just £1! She does splash out on a cocktail shaker and a bygone sewing machine that comes complete with all of its accessories.

Margie makes time to find out about this little island’s big contribution to democracy at the Tynwald Parliament, and Tim takes a ride on the world’s oldest horse-drawn tram in Douglas.

Finally, it’s off to Blackpool’s famous Winter Gardens theatre to view the auction, but can Tim gain any ground on Margie, or will she waltz into a commanding lead?
Wednesday, 28 September 2022Series 25 Episode 12 of 25

It’s the second leg for Margie Cooper and Tim Medhurst, as they tour the Lake District looking for bargains to take to auction. Fortunately, their conveyance of choice is a 1970s camper van, so there’s plenty of room for any outsized acquisitions.

Margie’s approach to shopping sees her pick up items from around the world, including a French carriage clock, a Chinese pepperette and, closer to home, a candlestick from Derbyshire. Tim, however, falls in love with the image of a Victorian woman, though his Victorian horse toy could make for a bumpy ride at auction.

As well as seeing a lot of glorious countryside, they find out about the mysterious St Bees Man who, after 650 or so years, has shared many secrets of our medieval ancestors. There’s also a chance to descend the hills to hear about Windermere carp and their importance to the waters in which they swim, and to hungry locals in times past.

Diamonds are Margie’s best friend when her bargain buy goes under the gavel at the auction in Stroud.
Tuesday, 27 September 2022Series 25 Episode 11 of 25

The start of this road trip sees two intrepid antiques explorers set off in a 1970s camper van. Silver expert Margie Cooper and coin collector Tim Medhurst navigate the back roads of Cumbria before heading north to Dumfries and Galloway on the hunt for treasures that will excite the bidders at auction.

Margie has packed a flask and sandwiches, and Tim has a hot water bottle, so they’re both prepared for whatever the antiques shops of the Borders can throw at them. Tim plumps for a Scottish theme with his purchases, picking up a Scots Guards picture and a rare Scottish jug, while Margie sticks to what she knows, choosing a locket and a bracelet made from… silver.

There’s always time for a detour, and Margie heads to the world’s oldest working camera obscura to find out about the man responsible for its construction and the reason why it was built, and how it’s managed to survive to the present day. Tim heads further back in time for his sojourn from the shops, finding himself in a Roman fort perfectly preserved in peat. His guide explains why climate change is causing archaeologists a headache.

With their purchases whisked off to Leicestershire, Margie and Tim are on tenterhooks to see who will take an earlier lead. Can Tim expect big profits because ‘Tiny Timmy’ has charmed the bidders?
Monday, 26 September 2022Series 25 Episode 11 of 25

The start of this road trip sees two intrepid antiques explorers set off in a 1970s camper van. Silver expert Margie Cooper and coin collector Tim Medhurst navigate the back roads of Cumbria before heading north to Dumfries and Galloway on the hunt for treasures that will excite the bidders at auction.

Margie has packed a flask and sandwiches, and Tim has a hot water bottle, so they’re both prepared for whatever the antiques shops of the Borders can throw at them. Tim plumps for a Scottish theme with his purchases, picking up a Scots Guards picture and a rare Scottish jug, while Margie sticks to what she knows, choosing a locket and a bracelet made from… silver.

There’s always time for a detour, and Margie heads to the world’s oldest working camera obscura to find out about the man responsible for its construction and the reason why it was built, and how it’s managed to survive to the present day. Tim heads further back in time for his sojourn from the shops, finding himself in a Roman fort perfectly preserved in peat. His guide explains why climate change is causing archaeologists a headache.

With their purchases whisked off to Leicestershire, Margie and Tim are on tenterhooks to see who will take an earlier lead. Can Tim expect big profits because ‘Tiny Timmy’ has charmed the bidders?
Saturday, 24 September 2022Series 25 Episode 10 of 25

It’s the glittering finale with audacious auctioneers Charles Hanson and Natasha Raskin Sharp. They’ve travelled south to Hertfordshire in the super glam 1932 Riley Monaco, the oldest set of wheels to ever grace the trip.

Charles has got over a grand to play with, and he aims to spend like there's no tomorrow. Not only does he take part in a whirlwind shopping dash, he also finds time to travel to Waddesdon in Buckinghamshire and the home of Baron Ferdinand De Rothschild, one of the greatest collectors of fine art in the world. But Charles discovers more about this Victorian gentleman’s love for the natural world, and a 19th-century rarity.

Brimming with confidence, Natasha is also pumped up and ready to go for the final furlong of the trip. Leaving only 36 pennies in the kitty, she spends over £300 on items including a Victorian ink and wash painting of a grumpy girl and a stunning 19th-century Italian bronze vase. She makes a trip to 1960s suburbia in Ware to find out about a Georgian gem created by a Quaker poet.

Who will raise the Road Trip trophy aloft as this week’s ultimate winner?
Friday, 23 September 2022Series 25 Episode 9 of 25

It’s the penultimate trip with auctioneers Charles Hanson and Natasha Raskin Sharp. This time they are exploring the fens and wolds of Lincolnshire in the bygone glamour of the 1932 Riley Monaco, the oldest vehicle to ever feature on the show.

Charles is gloriously minted, and with dreamy abandon he aims to spend big in every shop. He snaps up quite an eclectic haul, from a very large Victorian sideboard to a dainty Edwardian silver inkwell. Amongst all this hard work, Charles finds time to visit a fifth-generation baker to find out about a Lincolnshire delicacy that has been wowing the locals since the turn of the 20th century.

On Natasha’s swirl around Lincolnshire, she is at first cautious with her money but then decides to spend every single penny on a gaggle of goodies including her big gamble buy, a Liberty and Co. Tudric pewter plate. She makes a detour to Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre to discover the heroics of a Nigerian prince who renounced his title and travelled over 3,000 miles to the UK to join the RAF in World War II.

Who will clinch auction victory this time round?
Thursday, 22 September 2022Series 25 Episode 8 of 25

The third leg of our swirling Road Trip takes in even more of Yorkshire with auctioneers Charles Hanson and Natasha Raskin Sharp. They are touring from the east of Yorkshire to the west in the comfort of the 1932 Riley, the oldest automobile to ever feature on the show.

Charles gets up to more chaos with jammed drawers, plays cricket in a shop and tries on fireman’s hats. But his search turns up a his 'n’ hers item in a pair of Edwardian scent bottles, and he continues his Georgian passion with an original scent phial. But his big gamble is an art deco light fitting with a very large price ticket. Will his vision reap rewards at auction? All the shopping works up his appetite, and what better local delicacy to chomp on than the humble Yorkshire pud. Charles discovers the Georgian origins of this golden turret of baked goodness.

Natasha is on a mission to buy well at low prices, and she succeeds with a super-cheap 19th-century wine glass and an on-trend pair of Danish mid-century candle holders. Our good friends giggle their way from Beverley to Bradford, but Natasha is more than able to keep an unruly Charles in check in the very delicate surrounds of an antiques shop. Natasha finds time to visit Leeds, the city where it is thought the first ever moving pictures were created by a brilliant Frenchman, half a decade before Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers.

Will Yorkshire prove fruitful for Natasha and prevent Charles coming out on top?
Wednesday, 21 September 2022Series 25 Episode 7 of 25

It’s the second leg of our whirlwind Road Trip with auctioneers Charles Hanson and Natasha Raskin Sharp. Look out Yorkshire, because the Derbyshire Dandy and the Glasgow Gal are touring the area in a 1932 Riley Monaco.

In Hartlepool, Charles wanders around a large antiques and salvage yard, finding some goodies on board a vintage double-decker bus. One of which is a rather lovely impressionistic painting. Amongst the bevvy of buys, he finds time to pause in Whitby and find out about the Victorian author Bram Stoker and just why the town proved to be the gothic playground he needed to create the world’s most well-known blood-sucking vampire.

On this jaunt around the East Riding of Yorkshire, Natasha is looking for genuine antiques and manages amongst her haul of goodies to find some 17th-century Delft tiles. As a keen ornithologist, Natasha manages to visit the coastal haven of Bempton Cliffs to find out about the centuries-old practice of climming – a daredevil descent down the cliffs to find prized eggs – to discover why this pursuit is now illegal and about the man who brought about the change: a local clergyman who fought to bring about one of the first acts of wildlife conservation in the world.

Can Natasha give Charles a run for his money at the auction?
Tuesday, 20 September 2022Series 25 Episode 6 of 25

It’s a trip to the frozen north of England for antiques experts Natasha Raskin Sharp and Charles Hanson, on the opening salvo of their epic expedition together. It’s not the first time these two have gone toe to toe, and the competitive spirit is high, not least in respect of who can drive their vintage vehicle better. Their transportation is the oldest car ever to grace the trip, a 1932 Riley Monaco. It’s not always the easiest motor to handle, but it looks the part as they head off to shop with their £200 starting kitty.
Monday, 19 September 2022No show todayNew
Friday, 16 September 2022Series 25 Episode 5 of 25

There’s a piratical mood for antiques experts Raj Bisram and Irita Marriott as they set sail on their final outing together. There are shops to plunder and booty to be bought as they explore the very tip of the Cornish peninsula. And with the competition being so close at this point, the pressure is on to find that auction-winning item.

Raj makes some big finds in one of the tiniest shops of the trip and pins his hopes on a risky item that may or may not be highly collectable. Irita plays Raj at his own game, plumping for a very cheap purchase and finding a painting that reminds her of her childhood and also contains a hidden secret. Along the way, there’s still time for some sightseeing, kite flying and, of course, pirate impressions.

In a break from antiquing, Raj heads to a famous tavern to hear about a Cornish folk tradition full of mystery and mischief, and he gets roped into a spot of dancing. Irita heads along the promenade to find out where the residents of Penzance go for a dip and gets to discover first-hand just how cold sea water can be.

Then it’s off to the final auction with their prized possessions to see who will seize victory and who will be walking the plank.
Thursday, 15 September 2022Series 25 Episode 4 of 25

Travelling antiques aficionados Irita Marriott and Raj Bisram make their mark in Devon on this leg of the trip. Topics under discussion in the MG Midget today include the huge number of roads in the county and the correct way to prepare a scone.

Irita visits an antiques emporium that’s so new it hasn’t even opened yet. She also gets her hands on something that brings back happy memories of childhood. Raj raids the pantry for a huge haul of very famous pottery and fancies his chances at a very traditional pub game. And they still find time to sample the delights of a Devonshire cream tea.

Exploring the local area, Raj heads off to hear the story of one of the great adventurers of the 20th century, as told by the son of the great man himself. Irita discovers the delights of Devonshire folk songs and learns about the man who saved them for posterity. She also puts her own Latvian spin on an old English folk ballad.

Then it’s off for a spot of art appreciation and auction-watching at the Devon Sculpture Park, but as their own valuables go under the hammer, who will end up in the lead?
Wednesday, 14 September 2022Series 25 Episode 3 of 25

Antiques experts Raj Bisram and Irita Marriott put their foot down, cruising into Oxfordshire on the third leg of their east-to-west odyssey.

Irita finds some hefty items for the auction, but it’s a struggle just to get them to the counter to buy them. Raj finds the ideal item that no self-respecting gardener should be without, or so he thinks. They each go a bundle on items with an art nouveau flavour, as well as both finding something to keep them toasty and warm in the car.

Away from the antiques, Irita discovers the inspiring story of Britain’s only female Nobel prize winner in chemistry, who used her status to effect big changes on the world stage. Raj heads to a Bristol sports club to find out about its long history with table tennis and is challenged to a game by one of the club’s most experienced players.

A former railway station hotel is where they watch the next auction, complete with its own train line at the bottom of the garden, but which of them will be steaming ahead when their lots go under the hammer?
Tuesday, 13 September 2022Series 25 Episode 2 of 25

It’s the second leg of our riotous road trip, with Raj Bisram and Irita Marriott ambling around Northamptonshire.

Irita takes it easy with her spending spree, picking up a very unusual B&B sign and an early 20th-century Japanese Satsuma pot. She presses pause on her shopping to discover the roots of a former slave-ship captain who penned the soaring spiritual Amazing Grace in the 18th century.

On this tour of the south Midlands, Raj picks up a bevy of items, including a rather lovely art deco silver trinket box and a kaleidoscope dating from 1905. Our antiques guru makes a stop in St Albans to find out more about the only surviving medieval town belfry in England and just why it is such a source of civic pride for all St Albans locals.

Who will swoop up the profits and clinch auction glory?
Monday, 12 September 2022Series 25 Episode 1 of 25

We blast off with a bouncy new trip in sunny Suffolk with antiques hotshots Raj Bisram and Irita Marriott. This riotous caper sees our pair armed with £200 to spend on something delightfully antique. It’s a cautious start for Irita, but she ends up blowing the lot on, amongst other goodies, a supremely unusual 19th-century automaton. She also finds time to discover Lowestoft’s local hero from the Great War and how a certain Tom Crisp took to the seas in his wooden fishing smack to fight the dark menace of the German U-boat.

Raj, on the other hand, is full of pep as he energetically acquires a bevy of buys, including a damaged Doulton stoneware flask that Irita thinks is the double of our very own Philip Serrell. During his adventure, Raj finds out why the last maharajah of the Sikh empire made this area his home in the late 19th century and just how extraordinary his daughter Princess Catherine was to early feminism and as rescuer of Jewish families from Nazi Germany.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have an auction to attend. Who on earth will be the first champ of this rip-roaring adventure?
Friday, 19 August 2022Series 24 Episode 5 of 25

It’s the end of the tour for Natasha Raskin Sharp and James Braxton as they pilot their Porsche towards Oxfordshire and their final chance to shine. With money in their pockets and a renewed sense of purpose, the competition is heating up.

As they hit the shops, Natasha finds it hard to adjust to a healthier budget. James finds himself in shed heaven as he sidesteps his way through a series of outbuildings chock full of antique furniture.

There’s time for some sightseeing in Oxford, with James touring the locations of the flights of England’s first aeronaut. Meanwhile, Natasha gets a look around an extraordinary interior, a chapel full of carvings created by the ‘Michelangelo of wood’.

Then it’s on to their final showdown. Can nipping terrier Natasha catch up with old dog James?
Thursday, 18 August 2022Series 24 Episode 4 of 25

Antiques afficionados Natasha Raskin Sharp and James Braxton are on the penultimate leg of their journey. And, after the worrying results from the last auction, they’re just scraping by. As is their 1970s Porsche.

James flexes his finely tuned antique finding muscles and pins his hopes on some of his beloved bamboo and a very rude dog. Natasha, meanwhile, must overcome her fear of the haggle to get back to winning ways. Can a famous Dutch masterpiece get her back in the black?

Away from the shopping, James discovers a rural idyll in the heart of a busy Wiltshire town and finds out about a forgotten author who had big ideas about ecology. Natasha heads to the Valley of the Racehorse to discover how one small Berkshire village has been a big part of the sport of kings for over 300 years.

Then it’s full steam ahead to the auction. Will it be first class all the way, or will they hit the buffers?
Wednesday, 17 August 2022Series 24 Episode 3 of 25

The halfway point of the trip sees experts Natasha Raskin Sharp and James Braxton hitting the shops of Somerset and Wiltshire. However, their Porsche has developed some rude noises and unpleasant smells. Both trippers are strapped for cash so it’s time to get serious - James adopts the persona of a 13th century warlord in preparation for haggling.

Natasha discovers she has a deep-seated attraction for chairs, while James finds himself in a shop that sells only one type of antique. To stretch his dwindling budget he picks up a few items in not far from pristine condition.

Natasha also finds out about a top-secret group of highly trained fighters who helped bring about social reform for women. James heads to Salisbury to discover what it takes to care for the cathedral’s stained glass and to hear about the historic vandals who tried to destroy it.

It’s ‘chocks away’ at the auction as our pair settle into a couple of fighter jets to watch their items go under the gavel. Will they reach new heights or simply crash and burn?
Tuesday, 16 August 2022Series 24 Episode 2 of 25

Seasoned trippers Natasha Raskin Sharp and James Braxton explore the back roads of Devon and Somerset from behind the wheel of a fiery-red Porsche. They’re up for the challenge of finding profitable antiques and even pen the odd verse of poetry along the way.

James has an eye for some Scandinavian furniture ideal for serving cocktails while Natasha indulges her cute and cuddly side as she gets her hands on a menagerie of furry creatures. She also uncovers an item with a sought-after maker’s mark, pity about the less than desirable hole in it.

Taking a break from shopping, Natasha discovers a labyrinth of tunnels beneath Exeter’s streets which once served as an ingenious solution to the medieval city’s water supply. James heads off to the Mendip Hills to experience an extremely destructive form of motor sport… and goes head-to-head on the track with a rather familiar rival.

There’s a touch of Baroque splendour to their auction but will they be living in luxury, or down and out once the gavel descends on their prized possessions?
Monday, 15 August 2022Series 24 Episode 1 of 25

Experts Natasha Raskin Sharp and James Braxton are in the Devonshire countryside for a brand-new antiques expedition. Both are Road Trip veterans but this is the first time they’ve squared off against each other. With £200 to spend, and a rather sporty 1970s Porsche to whisk them all over the county, they set off on the hunt for money making treasure.

James finds his happy place in an antiques shop’s storeroom and, surrounded by bargains, defends it fiercely from his rival. Two decoy ducks, some very expensive ass’s milk and a meat platter serve up plenty of interest for James. Meanwhile Natasha goes eclectic, considering items ranging from bovine musical instruments to crustaceans.

Away from the shops, James heads to the river Dart and gets behind the wheel of a rather unique vessel, built to transport tourists in the 1920s. Meanwhile Natasha heads out onto the rugby pitch to find out about England’s first black international player. But has she got what’s needed to make the first team?

Their Devonian adventure ends up at a vineyard for a spot of wine tasting and auction watching. Will they be toasting success, or drowning their sorrows?
Monday, 8 August 2022No show this weekNew
Friday, 5 August 2022The final leg of this northern knees-up sees our dapper duo, Roo Irvine and Steven Moore, make their way across Lancashire and Cumbria in their ever-so-stylish classic car. Having started strong - but now trailing behind - Roo is determined to bag a win.

Roo sniffs out a pair of mother-of-pearl scent bottles, and Steven plays his hand with a Chinese gaming compendium.

As always, there’s time for a detour. Our experts learn the legend of the killing of the last top predator in the country and how one man, Sir James Ramsden, turned a farming village into one of the top industrial towns of the 19th century.

Then it’s on to their final showdown in Leicestershire. Can Roo do enough to beat her chum Steven?
Thursday, 4 August 2022It’s the fourth leg of the trip with two of our favourites, Steven Moore and Roo Irvine, who are cruising around Lancashire in their Rolls Royce Corniche.

Magpie Roo takes a shine to a cameo ring, while king of ceramics Steven steers towards an unlikely buy of a hand-carved paddle. And there are great expectations for a Charles Dickens find.

The experts take a short break to find out how a local Lancashire company brought rock 'n' roll to the youth of Britain and to learn how a brick from Accrington was used to construct some of the most iconic buildings in the world.

They end their trip in Carnforth for a spot of auction watching in the beautiful grounds of Leighton Hall Estate, but whose items will come out on top?
Wednesday, 3 August 2022It’s the midway point of the trip for Roo Irvine and Steven Moore, and their classic car is pointed towards Yorkshire.

Roo falls for a knight in armour and spends big on gold, diamonds, rubies and pearls. However, Steven’s ceramic knowledge earns him an incredible find, a small piece of Chinese porcelain that makes a significant profit.

Antiques hunting aside, the two dealers find out all about one of the ‘fathers’ of our roads and the crucial role the county played in the development of the flat cap. There’s also time to indulge in a pork pie.
Tuesday, 2 August 2022It’s the second leg of the trip and our two chums, Steven Moore and Roo Irvine, are shopping their way along the byways of the north east in their trusty 1960s Rolls Royce.

Proud Scot Roo finds a patriotic portrait of a stag, while Geordie ceramics expert Steven plumps for a 1960s lamp of unusual origin. But will their plans pay off at the auction?

Along the way, we visit Durham’s waterways to find out about a fascinating form of archaeology that is uncovering hidden treasures, and there’s time to learn about one Canadian’s heroic effort to save Darlington during the war. All before heading for a spot of online auction viewing in Ripley, Yorkshire.
Monday, 1 August 2022Scottish dealer Roo Irvine is joined by Geordie dealer Steven Moore in a glam 1968 Rolls Royce on the first leg of their road trip through north east England.

On this outing, Roo’s magpie instincts lead her to pick up several silver and shiny pieces, while Steven pins his hopes of a big profit on vintage gym equipment - but will any of them sell well at auction?

Steven learns how a heroic Sunderland sailor helped coin a famous turn of phrase, and Roo takes a detour to discover how locals are trying to promote sustainable fishing by encouraging people to try new varieties of fish.
Friday, 29 July 2022Margie Cooper and Paul Martin head for Plymouth on the final leg of their journey. The competition has tightened, and only a few pounds separate the rivals.

Along the way, Margie hears the story of a footballer, once forgotten but finally being given the recognition he deserves. And Paul is all at sea discovering the tale of a lighthouse, built in the 18th century, that became a beacon of engineering prowess.

On this final outing, it's the shopping that takes centre stage. Silver expert Margie finds some lovely art nouveau pieces, while a sergeant major’s swagger stick gets Paul’s ‘atten-shun’!

A humdinger of an auction unfolds as this exciting trip comes to a climax.
Thursday, 28 July 2022It’s the fourth leg of a wild west adventure featuring antiques experts Margie Cooper and Paul Martin.

Margie’s new strategy is to play it safe with traditional antiques, and she falls for a 1930s child’s chair and a 19th-century milking stool. Paul, however, takes a chance on a 1920s car horn that’s in good working order – and very loud. Both experts buy mirrors, but could this prove a costly mistake for one?

In a break from shopping, Paul learns about the formation of the light infantry and the brave actions of one soldier turned pacifist, while Margie tries a tea grown entirely in Britain. How refreshing!
Wednesday, 27 July 2022Dealers Paul Martin and Margie Cooper are heading in a westerly direction in their elegant red Jaguar, and this time they are scouring the countryside of Devon for all manner of antiques.

Two auctions down and one expert is confident in their unassailable lead, though their rival has a strategy they believe will prove victorious.

Paul gets swept up in the romance of the east with a hanging lightshade and buys an item that no self-respecting pirate should be without. Margie’s magpie eyes focus in on something she is certain will make a profit at auction.

Margie takes time out from shopping to try her hand at crafting some local pottery, with hilarious results. Meanwhile, Paul visits a local fishing village transformed by a very forward-thinking woman.

As Margie and Paul cruise through the Cornish countryside, only one thing is on their mind – the third auction of this trip. Will one expert’s lead be in question?
Tuesday, 26 July 2022Margie Cooper and Paul Martin set out on the second leg of their trip with their classic car pointed to Somerset.

Paul falls in love with a juggling clown called Clever Willie and pulls some strings to get a discount on some other antiques. Margie’s attempt of finding quality collectables goes down the pan when she settles on a toilet bowl dating from 1860.

It’s not all about shopping, though. Margie detours to discover a fascinating hidden story in the most unlikely of locations, and Paul hears how a famous shanty man helped to preserve traditional songs for future generations to enjoy.
Monday, 25 July 2022Dealers Margie Cooper and Paul Martin travel through Somerset and Wiltshire on their first road trip together. Margie is a veteran road tripper, but this is only Paul’s second outing, so there’s much at stake as they compete to find profitable items to sell at auction. What will entice them to spend their £200 budget?

In a strawberry red Jaguar, they are both on top form, uncovering an eclectic mix of items, from Edwardian furniture to East African tribal art. Along the way, Margie learns about the first safari park outside Africa, and Paul discovers one town’s historic link with safety on our railways.

But who will come out on top at the end of the day when their lots go under the hammer?
Friday, 22 July 2022It’s the end of our east-of-England expedition with antiques experts Catherine Southon and Serhat Ahmet, who are heading out on the bumpy backroads of Lincolnshire. With the results of the previous auction having swelled both their wallets, our two shoppers are in a chipper mood as they head off in their lilac Morris Minor Million towards Derbyshire and their last chance to buy.

Keen to make good use of his new-found wealth, Serhat heads straight for the pricier items with desirable brand names attached, while Catherine has an eye out for the unusual, the quirky and, in one case, the downright creepy. To mark their last trip together and their new-found friendship, they both try their hand at each other’s areas of expertise.

It’s not just all about the shopping, though. On their travels, Catherine discovers the history of the most iconic of classical instruments at a school that teaches students how to make them. Meanwhile, Serhat scales the heights (and depths) to hear the story of how a group of enterprising 18th-century miners helped turn a peak in Derbyshire into one of the country’s earliest tourist attractions.

Then it’s off to the home of the British Grand Prix to watch their final auction. Is Catherine on the home straight or can Serhat overtake right at the end to take the chequered flag?
Thursday, 21 July 2022It’s the penultimate run-out for our peripatetic antiques purchasers, Catherine Southon and Serhat Ahmet, who find themselves hitting the shops from Norfolk to Northamptonshire. Their fabulous lilac Morris has had a polish and is running smoothly, which is more than can be said for their competition after the last auction.

They both need to get some cracking deals if they are to get back on track. Serhat is on the hunt once again for ceramics, while Catherine has her eye on a more eclectic mix of items. On the way, Serhat makes some new four-legged friends, and Catherine tries to find out what you can buy for under a pound.

Out and about, Serhat finds out about a refugee who fled his war-torn country and became a local legend in his adopted hometown thanks to his crazy stunts and feats of strength. Catherine gets a taste of a high-speed motorsport and goes for a ride from which she might never recover.

A spot of stately splendour is their backdrop for the auction, where they find out if their items are sufficiently upper crust.
Wednesday, 20 July 2022It’s a scoot up the East Anglian coast for antiques experts Serhat Ahmet and Catherine Southon, taking in Suffolk and Norfolk in their lilac Morris Minor Million. Their quest for antique goodies hits a stumbling block when they run into a spot of car trouble, possibly caused by Serhat’s overenthusiastic headbanging.

With both experts slightly on their uppers after the last auction, our purchasing pair play to their strengths. Serhat heads straight for the ceramics, picking up a few rare items, some of which have definitely seen better days. Catherine makes a beeline for her favourite tiny treasures but gets to grips with a couple of hefty items on the way.

Taking a break from the shopping, Serhat meets the great-nephew of a remarkable woman who broke the social norms of her day to go and fight on the front line. Catherine, meanwhile, gets to sample a local delicacy that sounds rather unappealing but has sustained the local population for centuries.

Then it’s off to a picturesque spot by a windmill to watch their items go under the hammer at auction. But will they make any bread?
Tuesday, 19 July 2022It’s the second outing for antiques experts Serhat Ahmet and Catherine Southon, heading in an easterly direction in their lovely lilac Morris Minor Million. This time they are scouring the countryside of the East Midlands for old objects of desire, although city slicker Serhat is a bit overwhelmed by the rural setting and finds it a challenge to identify the local fauna.

On the back foot after the last auction, Catherine puts in a call to complain. She gets swept up in the romance of an item containing a wartime love story and buys some items that no self-respecting lord or lady of the manor should be without. Serhat, after being snubbed by one antiques shop inhabitant, amasses a diverse collection of items, but still manages to slip in some of his beloved porcelain.

On their travels, Catherine visits a local church that broadcast to the nation during the dark days of the Second World War, and Serhat goes in search of thrills as he meets the head of a daredevil dynasty that can do things on two wheels that defy gravity.

Then it’s all the fun of the fair as our pair head to Clacton Pier for a spot of auction watching and a go on the amusements. Will it be a rollercoaster or just swings and roundabouts?
Monday, 18 July 2022An all-new adventure sees antiques experts Catherine Southon and Serhat Ahmet heading out on an east-of-England odyssey, on the hunt for the old, the unusual and the precious. They kick off in Kent with £200 and a rather special motor, a Morris Minor Million, built to commemorate the millionth model to roll off the production line.

Catherine comes across a rather useful spare appendage when shopping. She also throws the cash around on a few of her items, but may regret it when her pockets feel a little light. Serhat does a lot of searching to sort the reproductions from the genuine articles, but he comes across one item he thinks could sell big. There’s also the occasional scare as our shoppers delve into the darkest recesses to look for bargains.

On their travels, Catherine detours to the capital to discover how London’s smelliest year led to an amazing piece of infrastructure and made big improvements in the population’s health. Serhat heads out into the Thames Estuary to get up close to a relic of World War II that may still contain a nasty surprise.

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