Dom Does America Today June 2024 on BBC One

Today, June 13 2024, BBC presents the series where Dom Littlewood spends 24 hours in some of the most dangerous and demanding institutions in the USA.

Dom Does America Today, June 13 2024

DateSummaryNew / Repeat
DateSummaryNew / Repeat
Friday, 16 September 2022US Marshalls
Series 1 Episode 5 of 10

Dom lines up with some serious firepower, working as a US Marshal in San Antonio, Texas. His mentor is Deputy Chris Bozeman, who has spent the last 15 years arresting dangerous and wanted men. After rigorous firearms and tactical training, Dom is briefed on new intel and joins live cases, executing arrest warrants on armed suspects around the city. Working with law enforcement here can be a deadly business.

Can Dom cut it in the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force?
Thursday, 15 September 2022Coastguard
Series 1 Episode 4 of 10

Dom’s patrolling the seas and skies, working as a coastguard in Corpus Christi, Texas. After tortuous survival training, Dom is cleared for take-off and joins an airborne security patrol under helicopter pilot Lieutenant Harry Lehman. For the second half of his shift, Dom ditches the aviator suit and joins petty officer Trey Hicks at Port Aransas boat station. On constant standby to give lifesaving assistance, they drill emergency evacuations with a hovering chopper, before patrolling the water into the night on the lookout for illegal fishing and smuggling of people or drugs.

How will Dom handle a day in the life of America’s 5th military service?
Wednesday, 14 September 2022Cattle Rancher
Series 1 Episode 3 of 10

Dom takes a break from the blue lights and sirens and really gets his hands dirty, working on a cattle ranch in Austin, Texas. His mentor is Josh Eilers, who served in the US military and completed four tours of Iraq and Afghanistan before founding Ranger Cattle nine years ago. Coming to terms with mud and dung, Dom puts his body on the line, tries not to break the farm machinery and faces one of his biggest fears – horses.

Can he tough it out on the ranch with a modern-day cowboy?
Tuesday, 13 September 2022Paramedic
Series 1 Episode 2 of 10

Dom takes on his toughest challenge yet, working as a paramedic in Austin, Texas. His mentor is clinical specialist Cassi Lydon, a veteran paramedic with 14 years’ service under her belt. Despite Dom’s aversion to blood, guts and gore, they face non-stop life-and-death emergencies over a 24-hour shift, pushing him to the limit both mentally and physically.

Can he hack it at the coalface of America’s emergency medical care?
Monday, 12 September 2022Correctional Officer
Series 1 Episode 1 of 10

Dom comes face to face with the American criminal justice system, working as a correctional officer in Randall County jail. His mentor, Officer William Huff, is an army veteran who served for a decade in the US Army and completed three tours of Iraq. Thrown in at the deep end, with male and female prisoners, in minimum- and maximum-security wings, can Dom make the grade in one of America’s most stressful and hazardous occupations?

About Dom Does America

Dom Littlewood spends 24 hours in some of the most dangerous and demanding institutions in the USA.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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