Children Ruin Everything Season 2 Episode 6: Fairness Airs October 26 2023 on CW

In the upcoming episode titled “Fairness” of “Children Ruin Everything,” which airs on the CW on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 9:00 PM, viewers will witness a family drama revolving around babysitting duties.

Nisha, the matriarch of the family, has been shouldering the responsibility of babysitting her daughter Astrid and her sister Dawn’s children. However, Nisha is feeling overwhelmed and burnt out by the constant childcare demands placed on her. In response to this, she decides to retire from her role as the family’s go-to babysitter.

The episode follows Astrid and Dawn as they grapple with Nisha’s decision and the challenges it presents. They must find a way to convince their mother to reconsider her retirement from providing free childcare.

“Children Ruin Everything” delves into the everyday struggles and dynamics of a family, shedding light on the complexities of balancing childcare and personal lives. This episode highlights the negotiation between generations and the quest for fairness within a family structure. It’s a relatable story that many families face when dealing with the challenges of childcare and the desire for a fair distribution of responsibilities.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Thursday 26 October 2023 on CW

Children Ruin Everything Fairness Cast – Season 2 Episode 6

Main Cast
Meaghan Rath as Astrid
Aaron Abrams as James
Ennis Esmer as Ennis
Nazneen Contractor as Dawn
Logan Nicholson as Felix
Mikayla SwamiNathan as Viv
Darius Rota as Corey
Veena Sood as Nisha
Lisa Codrington as Marla

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