Forged in Fire Season 10 Episode 8 Springtime for Napoleon Airs November 15 2023 on History

This Wednesday, on November 15, 2023, at 10:03 PM, History Channel will air a new episode of “Forged in Fire” titled “Springtime for Napoleon.” In this installment of the popular series, four skilled blacksmiths take center stage as they tackle a unique challenge.

The episode kicks off with the competitors tasked with forging signature blades, but with a twist – they must utilize metal sourced from a variety of everyday household items. The creative use of these materials adds an interesting layer to the competition.

As the competition progresses, contestants face tough rounds, with only two remaining competitors earning the right to head to their home forges. There, they will embark on the challenging task of recreating the Napoleon Presentation Saber, a historically significant blade known for its distinctive design and craftsmanship.

Viewers can expect to witness the forging process, the skill and precision required to create such a unique weapon, and the ultimate test of these blades. “Springtime for Napoleon” is a must-watch for fans of blacksmithing and historical weaponry, offering a factual look at the artistry involved in crafting iconic blades. Don’t miss it on History Channel this Wednesday.

Release Date & Time: 10:03 PM Wednesday 15 November 2023 on History

Forged in Fire Springtime for Napoleon Cast – Season 10 Episode 8

Main Cast
Wil Willis as Host

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