Restoring Galveston Season 6 Episode 4 Bootsie’s Bungalow Airs May 21 2024 on Magnolia

Get ready for an emotional and heartwarming episode of “Restoring Galveston” as Season 6 Episode 4, titled “Bootsie’s Bungalow,” hits the screens on Magnolia at 8:00 PM on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. In this installment, viewers will witness the Cordrays as they embark on a heartfelt renovation journey for Michael’s childhood brick bungalow, dedicated to his supportive mom, Bootsie.

As the Cordrays roll up their sleeves, they pour their hearts and souls into transforming Michael’s childhood home into a cozy haven that reflects the love and gratitude he feels towards his mother. With meticulous attention to detail, they add a new fireplace, handcrafted window treatments, upgraded kitchen hardware, and even a surprise element that is sure to tug at the heartstrings.

Throughout the episode, viewers will be treated to touching moments as Michael and his family reminisce about cherished memories from the past and look forward to creating new ones in their beautifully restored bungalow. As the renovation unfolds, the Cordrays’ passion for preserving history and honoring family bonds shines through, inspiring viewers with their dedication and craftsmanship.

Join the Cordrays as they channel their creativity and expertise into transforming Bootsie’s bungalow into a place of comfort, joy, and nostalgia. With its blend of heartfelt storytelling and stunning transformations, “Restoring Galveston” continues to captivate audiences with its celebration of home, family, and the power of restoration. Don’t miss out on the emotional journey – tune in on May 21st at 8:00 PM for “Bootsie’s Bungalow” on Magnolia.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday 21 May 2024 on Magnolia

Restoring Galveston Bootsie’s Bungalow Cast – Season 6 Episode 4

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