Sun, Sea and Selling Houses Today May 2024 on Channel 4

Today, May 27 2024, Channel 4 presents the series where British family estate agent teams help sun-thirsty house-hunters find their dream property abroad.

Sun, Sea and Selling Houses Today, May 27 2024

Friday, 25 November 2022The Garners catch up with Geoff and Anita, who swapped Southend-on-Sea for Spanish country views. The Rodriguezes find out how retired life in Spain is treating Eileen and Martin. (S5 Ep20)
Thursday, 24 November 2022In Alicante, the Rodriguez family help Sue and Richard find a holiday home that they can eventually retire to. In Almería, the Garners help Ralph find his perfect sunshine retreat. (S4 Ep7)
Wednesday, 23 November 2022In Alicante, cruise enthusiasts David and Eileen search for their dream dwelling on dry land. On the Algarve, Tristan wants to swap the Netherlands for the Portuguese sun. (S5 Ep18)
Tuesday, 22 November 2022In Alicante, Sarah and Mark have viewed and rejected 30 properties... can the Rodriguezes help them find the one? In Almería, Julie and Stephen look for the perfect family home. (S5 Ep17)
Monday, 21 November 2022In Almería, the Garners help John and Vera who want to leave Penzance behind to spend their retirement in Spain. On the Algarve, can picky Peter and Karen find the perfect place? (S5 Ep16)
Friday, 18 November 2022The Garners catch up with Phil and Jeanette to see the fruits of their labour. The Rodriguez family visit Sue and Richard to see how they're adapting to life on the Costa Blanca. (S5 Ep15)
Thursday, 17 November 2022In Almería, the Garners help Amanda and Paul look for the perfect property to retire to. In Alicante, David and Jane hope to find a holiday home close to bars and restaurants. (S5 Ep14)
Wednesday, 16 November 2022In Alicante, Sophie and Damon help Betty and Gordon find the holiday home they've long wished for. On the Costa del Sol, newly engaged Chloe and Richard look for a forever villa. (S5 Ep13)
Tuesday, 15 November 2022In Almería, the Garners help Sue and Don find their dream holiday home. The Hamiltons search for a beachfront property in Málaga for sports fanatic and former client Neal. (S5 Ep12)
Monday, 14 November 2022In Alicante, Hazel and Stephen are looking for the perfect place to unwind, and in Almería, buddies Gary, Lee and Jake are pooling their resources to buy a holiday home together. (S4 Ep2)
Friday, 11 November 2022The Rodriguezes revisit Lisa and Graham in Alicante to see how their new life in Spain is going. The Garners find out if Janice and Bill still love their dream home in Almería. (S5 Ep10)
Thursday, 10 November 2022On the Costa del Sol, Andrew and Shani Hamilton help Michael and Cierwen find a beachfront apartment, while the Rodriguez family hope to make a dream a reality on the Costa Blanca. (S5 Ep9)
Wednesday, 9 November 2022In Alicante, the Rodriguez sisters help Pilates fan Esther find her perfect holiday home, and in Almería, David and his wife Fiona contemplate a permanent move abroad. (S5 Ep8)
Tuesday, 8 November 2022In Málaga, Shani and Andrew Hamilton help Chris and Julie realise their 30-year-long dream, and can the Rodriguez family find Lynne and Mark their perfect place in Alicante? (S5 Ep7)
Monday, 7 November 2022In Almería, the Garners help John and Giuseppe search for their ideal forever home, while Kerry and Steven Mellor find Gemma a place that can double up as a yoga retreat in Málaga. (S5 Ep6)
Friday, 4 November 2022The Garner and Rodriguez families revisit some of their ex-clients to see how their property purchases and lives have been transformed since making the move from the UK to Spain. (S5 Ep5)
Thursday, 3 November 2022In Almería, mother and son estate agents Sharon and Shaun Garner help Colin and Tracy to find their perfect property. With 16 years' experience, it should be simple... (S5 Ep4)
Wednesday, 2 November 2022On the Costa del Sol, agents Andrew and Shani Hamilton utilise their two decades of experience to help marketing professional Sophie find her dream Spanish home. (S5 Ep3)
Tuesday, 1 November 2022In Alicante, sisters Sophie and Charlotte Rodriguez help dementia nurse Jacqui and her golfing enthusiast husband Steve to find a permanent home for their budget of 140,000 euros. (S5 Ep2)
Monday, 31 October 2022Based in glamorous and exclusive Málaga, agents Kerry and Steven Mellor are helping Michael and Patricia find their perfect property for a budget of 2 million euros. (S5 Ep1)

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British family estate agent teams help sun-thirsty house-hunters find their dream property abroad

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