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The Repair Shop Today [month] [dt] [year] on BBC 21Today, September 28 2022, BBC presents the series where you enter a workshop filled with expert craftspeople, bringing loved pieces of family history and the memories they hold back to life. A heartwarming antidote to throwaway culture.

The Repair Shop Today, September 28 2022

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DateSummaryNew / Repeat
Wednesday, 7 September 2022Series 10 Episode 11 of 14

Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Greg Silvester won numerous medals at Special Olympics events over the course of his career. In 2000, he was chosen to carry the Olympic torch as part of the build-up to the Sydney Olympic Games. Over time the torch has become dented, a piece has broken off and some of the Olympic Games lettering has started to peel away. Greg is hopeful silversmith Brenton West can get the torch shining as brightly as it did on the very first day he held it.

Next to arrive is Gemma Kent with her daughter Chloe’s toy cat Meowee. The cuddly toy originally belonged to Chloe’s dad Richard, who was gifted Meowee as a child. When Chloe was born Richard passed the toy onto his daughter and it quickly becoming a firm favourite. Richard sadly passed away in 2018 and Chloe and Meowee have been inseparable ever since. Meowee is beginning to show some signs of wear and tear. The barn’s Bear Ladies, Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch, prescribe a new inner lining to help strengthen Meowee’s ageing seams as well as some new stuffing to fill out her sagging limbs.

Electronics whizz Mark Stuckey has his work cut out when a long-silent jukebox arrives at the barn. It belongs to Rachel Storr-Barber who is accompanied by her daughter Jess. Rachel gave the jukebox to her vinyl-mad husband Chris as a Christmas present over twenty years ago. The gift was an instant hit and with thousands of records in his collection, Chris would regularly change the selection. Sadly, Chris passed away in 2019 and the last time Rachel and Jess heard the jukebox play was at his wake where it unfortunately caught on fire. With such a huge job ahead of him, Mark calls for back-up in the form of fellow electronics expert Nigel Robinson. Together the pair battle to get the burned-out jukebox back on song.

Signwriting expert Dominic Chinea has a tall task ahead. Peter Sunderland has travelled from the village of Aberfoyle in Scotland with a large painted sign of Nicol Jarvie, a character from Walter Scott’s novel Rob Roy. The novel is set in the area around Aberfoyle and for many years the sign was mounted on the side of a local hotel where it served as a focal point for the community. When the hotel was converted to flats thirty years ago the sign disappeared and has only just resurfaced. Now Peter, on behalf of his community, is hoping the sign can be restored and mounted back on the old hotel building where it belongs.
Wednesday, 31 August 2022Series 10 Episode 10 of 14

Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

The first job of the day falls to cobbler Dean Westmoreland. Angela Rushforth and her daughter Eve arrive with a pair of 70-year-old roller skates that once belonged to Angela’s mum Irene. Back in the late 1940s, Angela’s parents' romance blossomed at the Astoria roller rink in Barnsley. They later married and were together for 67 years until Irene’s death in 2019. Angela is hoping that having the skates restored will give her dad Colin a bit of a lift. For all his years of experience, Dean has never worked on a pair of roller skates before, and with a tear in one of the toes, missing eyelets and faded leather to attend to, he has plenty to keep him busy.

Sisters Fredericka and Louisa Charles have brought in a 1960s radiogram that belonged to their parents. They hope that electronics whizz Mark Stuckey can get it working once again. Their parents were part of the Windrush generation, arriving in the UK from Dominica in the Caribbean. The radiogram was one of their first major purchases after arriving in the UK, and the sisters remember it playing during Sunday afternoon get-togethers with friends and family. Music and dancing brought everyone together, and the sisters remember their father as a good dancer who liked Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. While Mark tackles the electronics, upholstery expert Sonnaz Nooranvary gets to work replacing a torn fabric panel.

Mechanical expert David Burville is on duty as cousins Tamsin and Daniel arrive with a toy fire engine built by Daniel’s great-grandfather Francis. Francis was in service during the Blitz, and the model is a replica of the fire engine he worked on. During the war, toys were in short supply, so the engine was made as a present for Tamsin’s dad. With a working extension ladder, lights and a motor to propel it, the model is a finely crafted piece that takes all of David’s skill to restore.

Last to arrive is Gita Diwan, with a very special leather wallet that once belonged to her father. Between 1939 and 1941, Gita’s father was a freedom fighter, struggling for India’s independence from British rule. As contemporaries of Mahatma Gandhi, Gita’s parents travelled to marches and peaceful demonstrations around India, and during that period her father carried his money in the wallet. He was imprisoned by the British for around two years for his efforts to secure independence, but was treated as a hero by many fellow Indians. After his death, Gita’s mother used the wallet before passing it to Gita. Now the years of use have taken their toll, and restoring it is a task for the barn's resident leather expert Suzie Fletcher.
Wednesday, 24 August 2022Series 10 Episode 9 of 14

Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Mei-Mei Heryet is the first to arrive at the barn, with an ornately carved Victorian table in need of attention from antique furniture restorer Will Kirk. Mei-Mei grew up in the west of Ireland, where her father ran a fishing lodge. The table was used to tie fish flies, and Mei-Mei’s earliest memories are of sitting at the table helping her father. Fishing became a much-loved hobby that she and her dad shared together. Sadly Mei-Mei’s father died when she was just 17, and now the table is an important connection to those precious memories. To restore the table Will has his work cut out – the tabletop is badly split, it's missing some of the decorative wood carvings, and parts of the table have become infested with woodworm.

Arcade games aficionado Geoff Harvey is the next expert to be called upon when Tim McCann arrives with his prized ‘one-armed bandit’ fruit machine. The machine was given to Tim by his grandpa, Cornelius McCann, who was well known by the local community for his Peaky Blinders-style hat and larger-than-life character. The machine gave Tim years of pleasure when he was a child and was also played with by his children. Unfortunately, the machine got broken, and now Tim would like it fixed so his grandchildren can enjoy it too. To get the machine working again, Geoff has years of grime and a very seized-up mechanism to work through before he’s on a winning streak.

The next visitor is Sue Gent, who arrives with an unusual mechanical toy dog. Restoring him will take the combined efforts of Steve Fletcher and the bear ladies, Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell. The dog was given to Sue by her mum and dad as a Christmas present, and Sue has fond memories of laughing and giggling at the toy with her younger brother Andrew. Sue’s father now suffers from Alzheimer’s, and Sue is hoping that the restored toy will trigger some happy memories for him and all the family. Steve tries to get the dog’s mechanical parts moving again, while Julie and Amanda make a new set of clothes and replace his threadbare fur face.

A large swivel ball chair is the final item to arrive at the barn. It’s a job for upholsterer Sonnaz Nooranvary and metal worker Dominic Chinea. The stylish chair was bought by current owner Nina Tillet’s aunt and uncle, Janice and Tim, in the 1970s. The chair became a firm family favourite, and Nina remembers spending many fun-filled hours whizzing around in the chair with her cousins. Nina was given the chair when her uncle died and her aunt moved house. The memories the chair holds makes Nina smile, but it’s far from the design classic it once was. The foam cushions have deteriorated, the fabric needs replacing, and the exterior needs a revamp. The chair's complex curves present Sonnaz with an incredibly tough assignment, but with Dom's help, the chair is given a new lease of life.
Wednesday, 17 August 2022Series 10 Episode 8 of 14

Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Master cobbler Dean Westmoreland is put through his paces when Neil Scott and his granddaughter Saadia arrive with a custom-made pair of running shoes, complete with metal spikes on the soles. Neil wore these racing spikes in countless running events throughout his life. He began running in the 1940s and twice won gold at the Amateur Athletics Association 100 yards event. He has just celebrated his 90th birthday and would like to have the shoes preserved to stand testament to his impressive achievements and remind him of those halcyon days. It certainly is a marathon restoration - the shoes are so dry that the leather is disintegrating, and a tear close to the sole requires an ingenious fix.

The next arrivals are Nigel and Karen Garry, who are here to bring ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay an unusual side table that raises a smile or two in the barn. Made of textured resin, it is in the shape of a bulldog in a suit and monocle, who stands obediently holding a drinks tray. Nigel is registered blind and likes to surround himself with tactile objects like this comical creation, and the bulldog barman has become part of their family. However, when the couple were moving house, an unfortunate turn of events left the bulldog with a missing ear and a major crack down his back. Nigel now has nowhere to place his gin and tonic, so he hopes Kirsten can repair his cherished chum.

Art conservator Lucia Scalisi has her skills put to the test when Sophy Bellis and her son Harry deliver a portrait of Sophy as a little girl. Sophy grew up in the 1960s on the same street as the artist Roger Hampson, and Sophy’s mum requested that her daughter sit for him. The resulting oil painting brought Sophy’s mum’s much joy and hung in her living room for all to admire. Over the years, the paint has become dry and is now flaking off the canvas at an alarming rate. Sophy always intended to have it restored for her mum, but sadly time ran out, which she feels badly about. Now is her chance to have the beautiful piece of work revitalised to remind her of her lovely mum.

The final item really strikes a chord with organ restorer David Burville. Norman Kench and his daughter Sarah have brought in the town of Henley-in-Arden’s barrel organ, which is in dire need of David’s expertise. The organ has played a major role in community celebrations and fundraising events for decades, but it is now scuffed, shabby and terribly tuneless. This project is a huge undertaking for David, but he rolls up his sleeves and cannot wait to start work.
Friday, 12 August 2022No show todayNew
Thursday, 11 August 2022Series 4 (Shortened Versions) Episode 30 of 30

Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Music box maestro Stephen Kember is on hand to welcome an unusual item into the barn - a wooden bench from Switzerland, with two carved bears proudly standing sentinel on either side, that plays a tune when sat upon. This much-loved bench has been in owner Gill Hawkins’s family since 1950, when her parents brought it back from a holiday in the Alps, and it has kept several generations of her family entertained ever since. But the bench no longer plays its tune, and the bears are faded, battered and looking their age. While Stephen tackles the musical mechanism, furniture restorer Will Kirk takes on the challenge of reviving the woodwork, starting with a bit of bear dentistry!

Master saddle-maker Suzie Fletcher is called upon to repair a pair of military mementoes owned by a remarkable soldier who served in both world wars. Chris Adams has brought the items to the barn: a helmet that saw action in the First World War and a set of leather spurs dating from the Second World War. The helmet and spurs belonged to Chris’s grandfather. Jay and Suzie are left almost lost for words as Chris describes how the helmet saved his grandfather’s life at Gallipoli. With the weight of history heavy on her shoulder, Suzie feels a great responsibility to breathe new life back into these precious items.

Lastly, mechanical maestro Steve Fletcher is tasked with the restoration of an old Victorian kaleidoscope.
Wednesday, 10 August 2022Series 4 (Shortened Versions) Episode 29 of 30

Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Clockwork maestro Steve Fletcher is thrilled to find himself working on a remarkable, quirky train set designed and built by the celebrated cartoonist and inventor Rowland Emmet. Emmet is best known as the brainbox behind all the inventions in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and this train set bears all the hallmarks of those extraordinary contraptions. Now in the ownership of Emmet’s nephew John, the train set hasn’t worked in decades. Steve has his hands full with this one, so he enlists the help of ceramics conservator Kirsten Ramsay. Can this dream team get the train back up and running?

Furniture restorer Will Kirk takes on the challenging repair of a wooden nautical ‘ditty box’ - a box used by sailors to store their most prized possessions. This particular specimen survived a shipwreck that claimed its owner’s life, but the ravages of time have been less kind. The box is coming apart at the seams, the brasswork is badly deteriorating, and the interior compartments are broken and in bits. It’s Will’s job to piece the ditty box back together again - and to solve the mystery of the secret compartment that lies within.

And toy restoration experts Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell carry out a stunning repair job on a much-loved doll called Mary, the only remaining memento owner Barbara has of her father, who gave it to her as a Christmas present way back in 1947.
Tuesday, 9 August 2022Series 4 (Shortened Versions) Episode 27 of 30

Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Upholsterer Sonnaz Nooranvary takes on the repair of an old wooden barber’s chair that once took pride of place in an Essex barber’s shop. Now the proud property of Mick Glozier, the chair was owned first by his grandfather and then by his father, both of whom were barbers - and, according to Mick, every child in the village would be sat down in the chair for their regular trim. The chair holds countless happy memories for Mick, but the years haven’t been kind to it, and Sonnaz needs to draw on all her experience to bring it back to its former magnificence.

Horologist Steve Fletcher and metalworker Dominic Chinea team up for the repair of another heirloom that played a key part in a family business: a magnificent clock that stood for decades above the entrance of a Surrey newsagent’s. Battered and lashed by years of British winters, the clock is in a sorry state - rusted, broken and no longer functioning. But with Dom tackling the case and Steve setting to work on the inner mechanism, Jay is confident the clock will soon be back to its best.

And silversmith Brenton West is on hand to fix a precious metal box that is tarnished, tattered and coming apart at the seams. Made of a delicate metal called antimony, it poses a real challenge for Brenton, who isn’t reassured when Steve warns him of his own youthful experience trying to repair antimony, which resulted in a pool of molten metal and one rather unhappy girlfriend!

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