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Today, April 14 2024, BBC presents the series in which top designers are on a mission to transform Britain’s unloved gardens into spectacular outdoor spaces..

Garden Rescue Today, April 14 2024

DateSummaryNew / Repeat
DateSummaryNew / Repeat
Friday, 9 September 2022Winchester
Series 3 Episode 19 of 30

In Winchester, busy doctor Carolyn wants a tranquil spot to help her escape the stresses of her high pressured job. Her happy place has always been by the beach, where she has happy memories of going as a child with her grandparents, so can the team bring a touch of the beach to her back garden? It'll be a challenge as there are very few living plants in her garden to start with! Despite that both Harry and David Rich and Charlie Dimmock come up with a wonderful pair of coastal inspired garden designs... leaving Carolyn with the difficult choice of only being allowed to pick one!

Once Carolyn has picked her favourite garden, Charlie, Harry and David - along with their regular landscape team - turn up to transform Carolyn's tired back garden into a coastal oasis, perfect to revive even the hardest working doctor! The only trouble, it's pouring with rain throughout the entire build - making the job a mammoth battle against the elements, as well as the clock!
Thursday, 8 September 2022Shrewsbury
Series 5 Episode 3 of 35

When Christian and Catherine moved from London to Shrewsbury with baby Olive, they brought a Victorian house with a completely overgrown garden. They’ve cleared the garden out but it’s still messy and dull. Catherine is an opera singer and Christian a comic book artist, so their home is full of cool style and bold colours, and they want Charlie and the Rich brothers to add touches of that to their garden. Not to mention create a fairy glen for Olive too! Their budget is £5,000.
Wednesday, 7 September 2022Bristol (Downend)
Series 5 Episode 1 of 35

Joe and Jess got married in Greece and want to bring some Greek planting to their garden in Bristol, fused with a classic English country cottage look. They also want it to be stylish, great for socialising and to provide son Noah with loads of places to play. It is a big ask, but they have a big budget too - £8,000 - so Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are under pressure to create a top-quality job.
Tuesday, 6 September 2022Romsey
Series 5 Episode 19 of 35

Karen and Colin want a private, Italian-themed garden for their Romsey house. Karen is the head of spiritual care at the local hospital. It is an emotionally draining job, and she needs the garden to be a calm space where she can recharge after work. They have a £6,000 budget. but it’s going to be stretched, as their weed-filled garden lacks a patio, is overlooked by neighbours and is a challenging shape. But if anyone can fix those problems, it’s Charlie and the Rich brothers.
Monday, 5 September 2022Farnborough
Series 6 Episode 35 of 35

Rebecca, Michael and their three daughters live in Farnborough. During lockdown they spent all their time in the garden and realised how unsuitable it was for their needs, with its different levels and tatty lawn. The couple want a safe family space, good for entertaining but also with a kid’s zone. But this garden has another role too: it needs to serve as a memorial to their three lost children. There’s a lot to think about, and Charlie and Arit have a budget of just £3,000 to work with.
Friday, 2 September 2022Leeds
Series 6 Episode 33 of 35

Louise and Nick live near Leeds and have a huge country garden, but having completely renovated their house with a Scandi-inspired interior, they’re at loss with the outside space. They would love a chic patio to go with their kitchen, but they want to combine it with a farmhouse-inspired garden with an area to grow produce. But with Britain’s heaviest recorded rainfall just days before, can Charlie and the Rich brothers transform the huge waterlogged garden with a budget of £6,000?
Thursday, 1 September 2022Hull
Series 6 Episode 32 of 35

Sakinah and Zumri from Hull have a bland, featureless garden, and they are at a loss as to what to do about it. They dream of having a grow-your-own space that doubles up as a wildlife haven so they can teach their two children about food and the environment. They would also love a pond. Can Charlie, the queen of water features, and the Rich brothers work their magic to create a food-producing family space that will attract the bugs, birds and bees on a budget of £4,000?
Wednesday, 31 August 2022Moreton-in-Marsh
Series 6 Episode 31 of 35

Greg and Charlotte live in Moreton-in-Marsh in the picture-perfect Cotswolds. Their garden is functional but lacks character, and they dream of a space that works for them and their two children, Winter and Albert. Their ideal garden would be country cottage-themed and reflect the Cotswolds while also providing zones for the children and a bar for them to enjoy sundowners. Can Arit and the Rich Brothers make this happen on a budget of £4,500?
Tuesday, 30 August 2022Milton Keynes
Series 6 Episode 30 of 35

Lucy, Michael and their daughter Cherry live in Milton Keynes. They have a large but unsafe garden, and they have run out of ideas about how to change it. The couple dream of a safe family space that works for them and their beloved dogs. They are also keen to grow vegetables, so they want a zoned garden with a modern feel. Can the Rich brothers and Arit work wonders on this unsafe space, creating a haven for the family and the dogs on a budget of £5,500?
Monday, 29 August 2022Roundhay
Series 6 Episode 29 of 35

James and Rox live in their dream Edwardian house in Roundhay, but their garden isn’t working. It’s open to the road, so not safe for their boys Jake and Ethan, and the couple loathe it. They want a family-friendly space that gives them an area to entertain and, more importantly, is fun for the kids. They also want to grow vegetables, and it’s important that the garden encourages their two cats back outside. Can Charlie and the Rich brothers create their dream garden on a budget of £5,000?
Friday, 26 August 2022Stockport - Series 7 Episode 35 of 35 - Ben and Ruth need the help of the Garden Rescue team to transform their dated garden into something more chic. There’s currently too much concrete and too many level changes for it to be safe for baby Eve. The couple are imagining a wild, natural garden with prairie-style planting and some opportunities for growing their own vegetables, and they also want to adopt some chickens from a rescue centre. Can Charlie and Lee come up with a design that ticks all the boxes for £2,500?Repeat
Thursday, 25 August 2022Nailsea - Series 7 Episode 34 of 35 - David and Alice have their hands full with toddler twins Beatrix and Martha. They moved in a year and a half ago, but have not had the time or energy to devote to their new garden. Low maintenance is key for any busy family, and the couple would like advice on how best to maintain the mature hedging that surrounds the garden. The old deck is rotten and slippery, and there’s an unusual fence separating the garden from a garden room used by the previous owners as a separate annexe. They’ve got £5,500 for Charlie and Chris to work with, but can they bring both parts of the garden back together as a family garden in which the twins can play while David and Alice make the most of the evening sun at the back of the garden?New
Wednesday, 24 August 2022Birmingham Kings Heath - Series 7 Episode 33 of 35 - Lauren and Jonathan first met when they starred in a production of Peter Pan together, and so they would like Charlie and Chris to reflect this theme in their design. The garden is long and bland, and despite having a budget of £3,000, the couple just don’t know where to start. Both designers see the potential for lots of fun, and they set to work on creating gorgeous designs for the couple to choose from. But has Chris gone too far in reimagining Neverland in Birmingham, or has Charlie allowed herself to get carried away with the magical, imaginary setting.New
Tuesday, 23 August 2022Devizes - Series 7 Episode 32 of 35 - John and Vanessa want a garden reminiscent of Oman, the desert kingdom where they first met. The large raised planter right outside the back doors - nicknamed the sarcophagus - is outdated and dominates the garden, and John and Vanessa are desperate for it to go, but they are keen for the materials to be reused to make the most of their £4,000 budget. John loves a fire, and the couple love to entertain, so they need space for an area in which to socialise. The gloomy garage with north-facing wall needs brightening up, and shade-tolerant planting will do the job. Will Chris’s wadi-inspired desert garden complete with oasis pond win the day, or will Charlie’s more gentle blend of cottage and courtyard persuade the couple to choose her design?New
Monday, 22 August 2022Aylesbury - Series 7 Episode 31 of 35 - Elaine and Kevin from Aylesbury first met whilst in Turkey. Inspired by their time living abroad, they dream of a relaxing traditional courtyard garden with a Turkish twist. They would also like the sound of water and the scent of roses. With a £3,500 budget, Charlie and Lee bring the couple’s Turkish vision to life.Repeat
Thursday, 11 August 2022Chichester - Series 6 Episode 27 of 35 - Joy recently moved to Chichester, where she has stunning sea views. But her garden is actually a small paved back yard where nothing grows. She would love a chic coastal-themed garden with hardy planting to survive the salty atmosphere and an entertaining area with seating. There’s also an old shed that needs a revamp, and it’s vital the view from her balcony looking down is as good as looking out to sea. It’s a small garden but a big job. Can Arit and Charlie pull it off with just £3,000?New
Wednesday, 10 August 2022Cosham - Series 6 Episode 26 of 35 - Sue and Baz in Cosham have a functional but bland garden that is in dire need of sprucing up. Baz works as an operating theatre technician and caught Covid-19, leaving him seriously ill for three months. During that time, Sue took solace in their garden. Now they want to create a tranquil Japanese-inspired space, a place of calm where Baz can continue his convalescence. Can Charlie and Arit bring this peaceful vision to life working with a budget of £3,500?New
Tuesday, 9 August 2022Cheshunt - Series 4 Episode 40 of 40 - Charlie Dimmock and Harry and David Rich are in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, answering another request. This time, it is to create a garden that fuses Japan and Yorkshire. James is proudly born and bred in Yorkshire and wants to see hints of it in his new Home Counties house, while his Japanese wife Akika, who he met when travelling, naturally wants to feel a link to her upbringing and homeland, to make her feel closer to her past. It is the team’s job to recreate this international mix in garden form. And, to make their task harder, the couple only have a budget of £2,000 – given to them by James’ parents.

The good news though is that at least the money won’t have to be stretched over a big space, as this really is a little garden. But that does mean Charlie and the brothers have to make sure they don’t deliver something that still feels small and pokey. Altogether, it is a difficult balancing act for Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers to pull off. But they can spot an exciting challenge a mile off, so head up to Cheshunt to pitch their rival solutions for the couple. And, not for the first time, they take very different approaches.

Charlie’s garden is all about a wandering lawn that leads to a welcoming pergola, while the Rich brothers have given over the garden to gravel paths and stones – representing the dry stone walls of Yorkshire and the carefully placed stones of Japanese Zen gardens. So who will win the right to transform James and Akika’s soulless square plot into their dream fusion of Japan meets Yorkshire? One thing is for sure - whoever wins, there will be white roses, bamboo and a lesson in do it yourself bonsai tree making.
Monday, 8 August 2022Goring-by-Sea - Series 4 Episode 39 of 40 - Alison and Janice moved to Goring-by-Sea after falling in love with the beautiful scenery there while on a weekend visit. It is the perfect antidote to their stressful jobs as a systems analyst and paramedic. However, their garden sadly doesn’t reflect this beautiful setting. With a budget of two and a half thousand pounds, left to Alison in an inheritance from her father, the couple want to create a beautiful, social garden where they can, at last, return the many BBQ invitations they have received from friends over the years.

The couple have a very specific theme in mind to turn this blank space, ‘new build’ garden into a relaxing, Australian-inspired ‘bolt hole’. Alison and Janice love the land down under, and have visited many times. Can the designers, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, come good with a design that will satisfy the couple’s desire for an antipodean outdoor space? Both offer the couple the cracked earth, beach look of Oz, complete with water feature and evening chill out space built around a fire bowl, along with dramatic southern hemisphere plants, like the couple’s much loved palm trees. With two twists on the same theme, will it be Charlie Dimmock or Harry and David Rich who get the nod from Janice and Alison when they go head to head in the pitch to win the right to make over the garden? And, with the clock ticking on the makeover, can the winning designer get the garden done in time? And will Alison and Janice love it?
Friday, 5 August 2022No showNew
Thursday, 4 August 2022No showNew
Wednesday, 3 August 2022No showNew
Tuesday, 2 August 2022No showNew
Monday, 1 August 2022No showNew
Friday, 29 July 2022No showNew
Thursday, 28 July 2022The Garden Rescue team are in Harborne, south-west Birmingham, to help Thomas and Kate. The couple are both retired and have vowed to create their dream garden now their four children have grown up and left home and the lawn in no longer the scene of endless football and rugby matches. But it is too big of a job for them to tackle, so they have turned to Garden Rescue for the help they need to see their garden come to life.

They have a budget of £4,500 and have a few specific ideas to get the team thinking. The sun moves through the couple’s garden as the day goes on, and Tom would like to reflect this by splitting the garden into different sections for different times of the day. One of those sections, at the end of the garden, Thomas wants to turn into a cool campsite style hang out, with a fire pit and wooden log benches, to reflect his lifelong love of the Scouts, while Kate’s main wish is for a ‘wiggly’ path to run through the garden. Can the Garden Rescue team turn this tired, plain garden into somewhere classy and fit for their retirement? The team, Arit Anderson and the Rich brothers, David and Harry, all head to Harborne to visit Tom and Kate and are soon enthusing about the job and helping this lovely couple.

As ever, the Rich Brothers and Arit go head to head to create the perfect garden design for Thomas and Kate, but who will win - will Kate and Tom be swayed by the Rich brothers’ design, with its woodland planting and enclosed “outdoor room” inspired by Tom’s Scouting history? Or will Arit’s design with a meandering pathway, two connecting circular lawns and colourful planting scheme win them over? The decision is, as ever, with Tom and Kate. More importantly, can the three gardeners, with the help of their regular landscape team, successfully deliver the couple’s chosen garden before the sun sets? And will they earn their garden makeover Scouts badge at the end?
Wednesday, 27 July 2022Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Bicester, Oxfordshire, answering a Garden Rescue emergency from parents Sarah and Adam. Like all overstretched mums, Sarah is after a space where she can relax and unwind after a day spent juggling two young children, but she’s also aware that the garden needs to work as a play space for the kids too. Having a budget of only £2,500 makes the job even more difficult for the designers. Not for the first time, they take very different approaches. Charlie’s garden is fully fitted out with distracting entertainment for the children, from tunnels to run through to sand pits and mud gardens, while Harry and David have given over more of the garden to Mum and Dad, with a calm relaxing oasis full of grasses and benches. Who will win the right to transform Sarah and Andy’s blank square plot into their dream garden?New
Tuesday, 26 July 2022With a budget of £3,500, young married couple Michelle and Andrew want a beautiful garden that marries together the memories of their exotic and adventurous holidays, from the jungles of Borneo, via the Deep South of America, to the arid grasslands of South Africa, where they tied the knot. Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers go head to head see who will win the right to make over this garden. Will Harry and David's fire bowl area, arid landscape and bog garden conjure up Michelle and Andrew's holiday memories? Or will they be transported abroad by Charlie’s desert campfire, jungle walkway and prairie planting?New
Monday, 25 July 2022Charlie Dimmock and Harry and David Rich are in Northampton, answering another Garden Rescue SOS call. This time, it’s to create a garden that allows two children with limited mobility access to the outdoors. Although Jamie, aged eight, is in a wheelchair and Phoebe, aged four, has to use a walker, their parents Andy and Louise are determined that their children should be able to be independently active in their garden - especially, as both Jamie and Phoebe love sports like basketball and archery. But the garden has lumpy grass that the kids' mobility aids don’t work on and a tiny patio that is too small for the children to navigate, let alone put decent garden furniture on. It's the team’s job to create a working solution to this family's needs, and to make their task harder little Phoebe has a very specific demand - the finished garden must include unicorns!New
Friday, 22 July 2022Kim’s family lives all over the world, and when they visit, they avoid gathering in Kim’s tired, unloved garden. Charlie and Flo both have great ideas for the £4,000 budget they have to spend to make the most of Kim’s outdoor space, with patios for entertaining and interesting features to remind the family of holidays together. But who will win the Garden Rescue challenge this time?New
Thursday, 21 July 2022Darrel and Michelle want to bring Cyprus to Devizes to remind them of happy times spent there as a family. Darrel is keen to have the sound of water somewhere in the garden, and Michelle hopes there will be room for an olive tree to recreate that Mediterranean vibe. They want the designers to incorporate their hot tub and their garden furniture to make it a comfortable space for themselves and their three grown-up children to entertain their friends. Charlie and Chris are up for the challenge and find lots to like about the existing features in the garden, including the superb but neglected pleached beech trees. Making the most of what’s already there will help stretch the £3,000 budget, but will the couple go for Chris’s more formal design or Charlie’s more informal approach?New
Wednesday, 20 July 2022Charlie and Lee are in Aylesbury to transform Linda and Justine’s plain plot into a relaxing Thai haven, inspired by holiday memories. The couple would also like a space for their baby daughter Maya to explore, and a spot for remembrance. For £5,000, can Charlie and Lee make the couple’s Southeast Asian dreams come true?New
Tuesday, 19 July 2022Nicola and David want the Garden Rescue team to turn their unloved garden into the ultimate theatrical show-stopper. Having met on the stage, the couple would like a space in which to entertain their friends and also to put on performances of some of their amateur dramatic favourites. But when they’re not performing, they want the garden to also be a quiet haven for wildlife.New
Monday, 18 July 2022Charlie and Lee are in Nottingham for a surprise transformation for busy GP Janice. Janice’s daughter Emily and her boyfriend Harry want to give Janice a relaxing space where she can chill out after a long day at work. Can the team create a tranquil wildlife friendly garden for £3,500?New

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